Sunday, June 29, 2014


From Bhagavata comes the story of Mahavishnu’s annihilation of the demon Hiranyakasha, brother of Hiranyakaspu. He carried the mother earth to the boom of ocean and challenged Vishnu to fight him and reclaim her. Mahavishnu came out of the nostrils of Brahma as a tiny little boar which soon grew into a gigantic form of Yagna Varaha dived to the depths of the ocean, killed the demon, reclaimed her and established her in all her pristine glory.

Presently our great Motherland has been deprived of all her glory by foolish, selfish and ignorant band of Hiranyakasha’s (having their eyes centred only gold, or wealth) through their misrule of decades. Mother had virtually gone to the very rock boom of her glory and dignity. And here comes our Yagna Varaha Modi who is ordained to restore our Motherland to her old glory—as was done by another Narendra more than hundred years back. The present Yagna-Varaha has taken upon himself to once again restore our most ancient Mother India to her pristine glory.

Hereafter we should all offer our contributions to the great work undertaken by our beloved Prime Minister by dedicating all our activities work and service as Mothers Work and execute it to the best of our abilities following the path of Satya and Dharma. That is the only way in which we can make Mother India shining and fulfill the hopes and aspirations of millions of Indians within the country and outside.

Let us not spoil the effect by restoring to popular expressions like India’s paradigm shift, India modified etc. and thus loose the real implications of the change. Let us make the world recognize that “INDIA IS AWAKENING”.

Vishwabhanu bimonthly report April-may 2014 by Vivekananda Kendra:

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