Sunday, June 29, 2014


This month saw a very important development in 'Green Rameshwaram' project. At the district collector's office at Ramanathapuram, presided by the District Collector the advisers, coordinators and members of each sub-committee of the 'Green Rameshwaram' project met; gave their inputs, discussed at length and arrived at time-specific deliverables. You will find a detailed report of the event in our newsletter. The team also visited the various renovated traditional water bodies in the island. It was a good start and the crucial quantum jump for the project. We also have a photo report on the work that is being done on the Arjuna Teertham renovation. In our 'Happenings' this week we have reports on Azolla travelling to the villages of Haryana the green Varma workshop Bio-methanation plant training and Biogas plants installed.

In our 'Publication' section we have eco-toons dealing with the need for a paradigm shift in the medical system and the subsequent changes we need in the system. It deals with the idea of holistic health, the indigenous medical system, mind-body connection and the importance of good environment not only in healing but also in preventing the diseases before their onset. These are excerpts from the acclaimed publication 'Samagra Vikas'. In our 'wisdom' section we present a Sufi mystic's Vedantic vision on Earth consciousness and Gurudev Tagore's view on how Earth can provide spiritual insights for man. We also present an ecologist's view on the need for a change in perceiving Earth as a unified being.

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