Thursday, June 26, 2014


This is the first newsletter of 2014 and carries the activities of the last month of 2013. Here in continuation with the 150th year celebrations we present the views of Swami Vivekananda that form the philosophical basis of VK-nardep activities. Here Swami Vivekananda speaks about the organic unity of all life as fellow travellers in a cosmic odyssey. Swami Vivekananda says that  'the idea of a real universal love is only possible from this point of view.'  and elaborates the brotherhood of humanity to not just humans but also animals and plants: 'all are our fellow passengers, our fellow travelers — all life, plants, animals; not only my brother man, but my brother brute, my brother plant'.

This month we present you glimpses of the work that is progressing in the Arjuna Teertham. This Teertham provides a challenge to the reconstruction as it has been completely ruined and totally covered with thorny bushes. However thanks to the dedicated work of our workers the Teertham is re-acquiring a new life. Further this Teertham is situated on the way to Kandamana Parvatham - a sacred hillock in the island which again is very important in the sacred geography of the island. The work has revealed the presence of water in the teertham which is right now used for the construction purposes. You can read a detailed report in our newsletter.

In our happenings section you can read about our efforts to revamp and conserve the indigenous medical knowledges and put it into use for the ordinary people. You will also learn about our efforts to disseminate bio-methanation plant technology, Jharkhandfarmers have been trained in Azolla backyard technology. Farmers from Tamil Nadu have attended green technology awareness sessions conducted by VK-nardep. Forestry college officers have undergone training in both herbal resources and inner rejuvenation. We are happy to inform that VK-nardep has received the 'PSN National Award for Excellence in Science and Technology' for its contribution to the development and dissemination of sustainable construction technologies. We also commence a new series of eco-cartoons from our highly praised publication 'Samagra Vikas' - Development with a human face. They emphasize the importance of inner transformation and values in developing eco-technologies and holistic approach to sustainable development.

In our wisdom section we present the point view of a Zen master, Swami Vivekaannda and an Indian anthropologist on love towards all existence, giving as the basic fundamental nature, and the need for a holistic transformation of human being.

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