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Inaguration of 36th - Kendra Shiksha Shibir

Kendra Shiksha ShibirThe 36th Kendra Shiksha Shibir with 22 Shiksharthis (Life-worker trainees) began today. The Shiksharthis are from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Guajrat, M.P., Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu & U.P. These Shiksharthis have completed their initial two years training with senior karyakartas. It was inaugurated on the auspicious occasion of Holi Poornima, the 19 March 2011 by Mananeeya A. Balakrishnanji, All India Vice- President of Vivekananda Kendra.

The Shiksharties were taken to Vivekananda Rock Memorial early morning before the Sunrise. All had Darshan of the Sripadam of Devi Kanyakumari in Sripad Mandapam. Here Swami Vivekananda had mediated in 1892. All assembled near the Dhwaj Sthambha (flag post) where the Bhagava Dwaj (saffron flag) with the inscription of Omkar on it was hoisted with the Sunrise at 06.25 a.m. This saffron flag is hoisted every day with rising of the sun and lowered at the time of sunset. This tradition continues since the Man-Making mission – Vivekananda Kendra was launched on 7 January 1972.

Kendra Shiksha ShibirAfter Dwaj Pranam it was followed by Kendra Prarthana and the inauguration ceremony was held in Sabha Mandapam. All sat facing Swami Vivekananda to take His blessings. Karmayoga Shloka Sangraha Pathan was done. It was followed by the blessings of Mananeeya Balakrishnanji. He said, ‘You are taking the path which is not that easy but , it can be made easy by the Samarpan and Sadhana. You can draw immense power within you – the Atmashakti through these qualities. As the situation and atmosphere outside is not congenial, this power within you will guide you. Your body and mind should be as strong as a wire through which the electricity is passed and still it withstands. Do hard work and increase the Balam (capacity) from all side – Bahu-balam (Physical), Mano-balam (mental), Buddhi-balam (intellectual) & Atma-balam (spiritual).’

It ended with Kendra Prarthana. All returned after having Dharshan and taking blessings of Devi Kanyakumari at Kanyakumari, Ekakshar Maha Ganapati and Mananeeya Eknathji at Gangotri in Vivekanandapuram

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Bhumi Pujan of Regional Centre cum Institute Of Culture & Yoga, Bhubaneswar Branch

BhumiPujan - Foundation Stone FunctionThe Foundation Stone laying programme for the Regional Centre cum Institute Of culture & Yoga, Bhubaneswar was held on the actual plot on 27th February 2011. The Chief Guest Sri Pyari Mohan Mohapatra, Hon’ble MP (Rajya Sabha), unveiled the foundation stone at the start of the programme in presence of Mananeeya A. Balakrishnanji, the Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari and Sri Anant Narayan Jena, Mayor-BMC, the Guest of Honour in the programme. The celebrations started with traditional Bhoomi puja and yagna in the morning.

Mananeeya A. Balakrishnanji, Vice President Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari spoke on the necessity of such Institute where in special studies will be undertaken to identify and strengthen the commonalities amongst the various Janajatis, while strengthening their uniqueness. He also gave a broad overview of the 150th year celebrations of Swamiji and the role of Odisha in Kendra’s future plans. The Chief Guest congratulated Vivekananda Kendra for its efforts to spread Indian Culture and Swami Vivekananda’s message. He suggested that a mass movement of fund collection should be done by Kendra so that even common people may feel a sense of owning, instead of approaching only the Industrialists. Sri Ananta Narayan Jena, BMC-Mayor said the need of such organisations is very important for spreading the message of Swamiji.

Odiya Book Release "Bharateeya Sanskriti"An Odiya book titled “Bharateeya Sanskriti”, published by the Vivekananda Kendra was earlier released by the Chief Guest. In the beginning Sri Surasen Jena, welcomed all present in his Welcome address. Smt Lilima Mohapatra, Nagar Pramukh, Vivekananda Kendra proposed the Vote of thanks. Around 150 wellwishers and patrons attended the programme.

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Matru Puja at VKV, Kanyakumari

Matru Puja was celebrated on 26th Feb, 2011 at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Kanyakumari. The function started by 1.00 P.M. Approximately 200 mothers participated very actively. Various competitions were conducted. Their participation was very well. General meeting started by 4.00P.M. Dr. Kalai Selvi, MBBS, DGO, was the Chief Guest. and Man. Nivedita didi, Vice President, Vivekananda Kendra was the Special Guest. Both the guest given a valuable speech related with the Mothers and their responsibilities. Winners were appreciated by giving prizes.

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A day in the Documentation of Traditional Visha Vaidya Practices

Holistic Health With the help of the Department of AYUSH, New Delhi, VK-nardep has started documentation on “Traditional Visha Vaidya Practices (TVVP)" in Southern parts of Tamilnadu. We (Dr.V. Ganapathy and VK- nardep technicians along with healer Ramachandran Nair and Suresh Kumar) documented indigenous traditions at Madichal near Kaliiyakkavilai in Kanyakumari District.

VK-NARDEPTake for example, traditional Visha Vaidya Thiru. Kolappan. Now his age is 81, his experience spans six decades. His son K.Suresh Kumar (age 39) has now an experience of 20 years. Both are rendering service to the community through their K.S.K. Siddha Visha Vaidya Salai near Madichal. Healer Kolappan’s whole generation is doing Visha Vaidya healing for more than 200 years. Per month he is treating an average of 10 – 15 cases. He is treating a range of poisonous bites: the Aranai bite, Cobra bite, Analai bite, Rat bite, Scorpion bite etc. and also non poisonous snake bite and Cat bite etc. But he is not giving treatment for poisonous materials intake.

How does he identify the bite?

He differentiates two kinds of bite. One is Erai (food) bite; that is usually snake biting others during its search for food. In this type of bite, even poisonus snake bite is not harmful. The second type is the Visha Kadi or poisonous bite. This is very dangerous. And this in turn has has 4 types from One teeth bite to Four teeth bite. Of these the four-teeth bite is the most dangerous. This four-teeth bite is almost non-curable.

What are the vital indicators in treating a poisonous bite? The place and time of bite, oozing of bleeding, muscles involvement and the nature of pain: all these play vital role in the identification of the nature of bite.

How does he select the patient for treatment?

Once the patient comes, the Vaidhya cleans the place of bite in the body. Then he examines the patient for the following:

  • whether his eye has changed into white,

  • whether there is leakage or output of body fluids like semen,

  • nature of bleeding,

  • site of bite

  • time of bite.

He restrains from treating if the bite is at:

  • ankle joint and

  • above the neck.

He checks what he calls AMIRTHA nilai (which is in traditional knowledge system considered as a prime body holistic vital ebergy flow in the body )condition. If the bite is above the Amirtha nilai point place, then he restrainst from treatment, as the bite has been fatal already. Here the explanation of the selection of patient has parallels with Varma treatment.

Methods of Treatment:

  1. Clean the bite spot in the body with hydrogen peroxide (but we suggested alum water).

  2. If the patient is unconscious, then he/she is given immediately “Saramaari thylam”(a herbo mineral metalic living material medicated oil). The quantity is 15 to 20 ml. If the patient is conscious then he is giving Vizha Kudineer (prepared herbal decoction – Andrographis, dried Zinger, Pepper, Indigo, Sweetwood, etc.are main ingredient).

  3. Vizha Kal After giving this herbal formulation, the healer uses Vizha Kal (A kind of herbo-mineral medicine stone like substance) on the affected place. This formulation get applied (by pressing) for a minimum of 15 minutes to 1.30 hrs at the bite place. During that time the rubbing of the stone generates a Heat. So thehealer repeatedly changes his finger. If the venom is inside the body, the stone will stick on the place; if not it will drop. After the application is over, the physician takens the stone and puts it into the milk. The milk changes its colour to blue.

  4. Then again the patient is given the Vizha Kudineer.

  5. If the patient still in the dangerous stage, the healer uses Uyiralathy Kulikai ( a pill prepared from herbo-mineral and living materials). This is given one to three times, depending upon the situation, along with the above said Vizha Kudineer or Indigo leaves juice.

  6. In between the above the course of treatment the physician also chants the mantras repeatedly. As per his experience, he considers the mantras to have an significant healing effect.

Advise to the patient:

VK NardepThe healer advises the patient to intake only satwic food. The patient is also advised to avoide sleep for the next 24 hrs to 36 hrs. For the next one or two days the healer keeps the patient under observation and advises the patient to take Vizha Kudineer for 3 days. Now he advises non-vegetarian food: particularly chicken. The healer avoids completely the conventional first aid treatments for the poisonous bites. His charges are usually a minimum of Rs.300- 700/ and in rare cases upto Rs.2,000/-.

Textual knowledge source:

Vizha Vaidya bookHe is following “Vizha naraneeyam” a Vizha Vaidya book more than 20 years back, but now he is following “Malanguravan Vazhi” – a Vizha Vaidya literature in Malayalam. He is also often refers Karuida panchatram, Agasthiiyar Vizha Vaidya nool. During our interaction he stressed the importance of Prana and Amirtha nilai pulli (traditionally considered as a point of body’s holistic Vital energy). He shared the experiences of how he encountered and cured some of the challengable poisonous bite cases and how he arrived at the treatment and some medicines preparation also. He shared the experiences of his father and father-in-law who were also healers.

Dr. Ganapathy examining patientHe also gives treatment to chronic poisonous bite oedematous ulcer and skin diseases. He is now very much worried about his current and future practise having become endangered. He attributes this to lack of awareness and neglect by Govt policy. We expressed our gratitude for his heart to heart interaction and appreciated the challeneges he faces in practicing this life saving healing system even during the changing times. We collected the sample medicines and documented the interaction in the form of video as well as through the prepared performa.

Courtesy : VK-nardep website

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AITSE Award for VKV Roing student

Ahhie Mega (11), a sixth grader at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya School in Roing, is the winner of the All India Talent Search Examination (AITSE) conducted by National Teachers Council at Bangalore.

She will receive her prize in Bangalore in an award giving ceremony to be held in September next. The award includes a cash prize and a laptop.

Ahhie is one of the top winners from the entire Northeast in her sixth grade, along with five other winners.

The test is conducted at pre-primary level to senior level. The Talent Search Examination consists of Mental Ability Test and Scholastic Ability Test.

“Her hard work and motivation given by the teachers paid”, said Anil Kumar, Principal VKV. “Children generally don’t take these tests seriously, but she took it seriously.”

Ahhies's dad, Dr Oken Megha himself is recipient of National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) scholarship, J C Bose Award and winner of National Science Exhibition in his school days.

Courtesy : Arunachal Times

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Sports Day Function at VKV, Kanyakumari

SriVelu on VKV Kanyakumari SportsDayVivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Kanyakumari celebrated the sports day on 19th February 2011. Shri. C.K. Velu, B.E. (Scientist, ISRO,Mehenragiri) was the chief guest. Children expressed their physical strength in connection with the above said celebration.For the ref. I have enclosed two stills . Kindly look into it.

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The report for the activities, conducted by VKRDP, during the month of NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER 2010 is detailed below, for your kind information:

1. Through 75 Balwadis, 2,050 rural Children were nurtured. In the Balwadis, Malt, Hygienically prepared highly nutritive lunch were served, with vegetables, and evening, vitamin rich cereals were provided to the children.

2. In Medicare Programme, 4,737 patients were examined and treated for various common ailments, through 15 Rural Medical Centres.

3. In 227 Samskara Vargas, 7,545 students participated. The students were taught about the values of Indian Culture, through games and lessons. The feelings of oneness are strengthened among participants, through patriotic songs and games.

4. Under Sponsor A Grand Parent Programme, 25 destitutes - old people were provided with monthly solatiums, in the form of rice, dhal, oil, etc., for their livelihood and 44 persons provided rice only.

5. With the assistance of Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli Free Eye Screening Camps were organised at seven places. 1,086 patients were screened and 252 were operated for cataract.
Medicines and Spectacles were supplied to the needy patients.

6. Village level Deepa Poojas were organised in 272 temples with 19,726 women participants, who offered their prayers to God for the welfare of all people. 1008 deepa poojas was organized at Tenkasi in Tirunelveli District and Thoothukudi in Thoothukudi district, 1658 sisters participated from 50 villages.

7. Vivekananda Kendra workers and volunteers have collected 2,448 Kgs. of rice, from the people of Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Ramanathapuram and Virudhunagar Districts, under Amrita Surabhi Scheme.

8. Through various branch centres and Book stalls, Rs.92,028/- worth of literature books were sold.

9. Subscriptions for 282 Vivekavani, 2 Yuva Bharati, 2 Arunachal Pant Parivar and 2 Patrons were registered.

10. 80 women being benefited in 4 Self Help Groups in Kanyakumari district.

11. Swadhyaya Varga was organised in Paramakudi and Aruppukottai in which 39 persons participated.

12. Yoga Varga is being conducted in three places in Kovilpatti, Ramnad and Aruppukottai and 63 persons attended.

13. Four Tailoring units are functioning in Kanyakumari & Tirunelveli districts and total attendance is 69.

14. Shivalinga Poojas were conducted at two places in Kanyakumari District and 106 members participated.

15. Durga Pooja was conducted in Peyankuzhy and North Peyankuzhy at Kanyakumari District and 98 sister participated.

16. Chanting of Sri Rama Jaya Rama Mantra was held during Deepa Pooja, Shivalinga Pooja and also daily by Balwadi School Children, Cultural Class Students and during Monthly Meetings by Balwadi Teachers and Social Workers. Every month nearly 3,67,465 times mantras were chanted in 135 localities.

17. Swami Vivekanandar picture was pasted 420 houses from 4 villages of Virudhunagar District.

18. Religious Conference was organized at Sivagiri (Thoothukudi), Andarkulam in Kanyakumari District and Valliyoor in Tirunelveli district on 28.10.2010, 05.12.2010 and 25.12.2010, 189 students from 26 cultural classes participated.

19. Parents meetings were conducted in 4 balwadi places. 76 parents participated.

20. Mananeeya Eknathji Jayanthi were celebrated at 65 places in Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Ramnad and Virudhunagar Districts and 2,740 persons participated.

22. Swami Vivekanandar Vizha was celebrated on 4.11.2010 at Kallaveerianvilai in
Kanyakumari District 250 people participated.

23. On 05.12.2010, Anna Pooja and Children’s Carnival was celebrated in Kovilpatti Devi Sri Gayathri Mandapam. 2,800 Kgs. rice was collected from 10 village people. On that day Kovilpatti, Nagalapuram and the surroundings Kendra Balwadi children’s and Samskara Varga students were participated and they performed the cultural programmes. And also one Anna Pooja was celebrated in Paramakudi, 5,900 Kgs. Rice were collected. 190 persons were attended this function.

24. Two Personality development camp was organized at Valliyoor Vivekananda Kendra Vidhyalaya and Mahatma Gandhi Matriculation School, Ilanji. 300 students were attended this camp.

25. Urban Children’s Carnival was conducted at Kanyakumari from 13.11.2010 to 14.11.2010, 49 students from 36 schools and 65 parents and two teachers were participated this camp. Kendra’s senior karyakarta Shri Angiras (Mamaji) was presided over the function and to distribute prizes and Certificates to the winners.

26. Every month we are distributing the rice which is collected through Amrit Surabhi and Anna pooja to Balwadi children, old poor people and also the following institutions, educational institutions etc., as follows.

  1. Sri Saratha Devi Anbu Illam, Nagercoil - 100 Kg.

  2. Avvai Ashram, Sivasailam - 200 Kg.

  3. John School, Kombikulam - 100 Kg.

  4. Hindu Middle School, Kalanthapanai - 200 Kg.

  5. Hindu Middle School, Thirumalapuram - 400 Kg.

  6. Balwadi child and Grannies - 4,531 Kg.



In the Service of Lord



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(from our balwadi teachers & workers)


In each of our crèches there are babies in the cradles. Our ayah used to sing lullabies to the crying children. Other big and small children used to watch this. One of our student Shivani was asked by her mother to look after her sleeping brother in the cradle. The mother had asked her to sway the cradle of the baby cries. Once the baby got wake up he started to cry. Shivani started to sway the cradle with the song, “Kannan Engal Kannanam” which she learnt it at the crèche while the ayah was singing for the crying babies. Shivani’s father came back from the office at that time and heard her singing, felt very happy at her quick response to her brother’s crying. He asked her who taught her the song and praised her for her sweet voice. He immediately proclaimed that after hearing this religious lullaby they will not listen to cinema songs. The parents came for the parents meeting and narrated this incident in front of all the parents. All were very pleased.


One day one student left the eating place in a hurry without washing his plate well. Suguna came next and washed her plate and kept it in the rack saw that previous boy did not wash it clean so took his plate and washed it very well. I was touched by her action which was done without being told by others.


One person came to admit his child for the coming year. I asked him to come on June 1st with his child and then I asked his whereabouts. When he said the name of the place, immediately I told him it is a faraway place and how he is going to bring the child. Immediately he said this was what I told my wife and asked to get admission from the nearby V.E.R.S. Matric school. But my wife told me that she wanted her child to have a year at least at Vivekananda Kendra Balwadi because she studied as a child in the same school with the same teacher at least for a year she wants her child to attend this school. The teachers here treat the children very kind and they teach them with full attention. So my wife requested that we should bring the child here in whatever way we can, so they both agree to bring the child here anyhow. This incident touched my heart because the mother’s anxiety for her child to get the same love and culture from Kendra school. I felt like applauding Vinitha the mother for her forethought.


At Pudugramam crèche, there were holes, hollows and unleveled floor. We asked one of our old student, brother Saravana kumar to help us to level the floor. He was one of our kind, helpful and pious devotee of Kendra. He gave us cement and sand immediately. Since he could not spare the time we asked one of our old student, N. Suresh to level the floor. Without any hesitation, he took a day off from his work and leveled our floor in the proper way. Not only have that he also did a good job in our front yard of the school where water was stagnant always. Their help was very useful and made us happy.


Near our crèche there is a one and half year child named, Kasthuri. Her parents told us that we will leave her at your crèche next year. But as we start our morning prayer she will open her home door and will enter our school and will sit on the bench and will start to sing. Her parents told us that without their knowledge, when she hears our prayer Kasthuri will start saying ‘OM, OM’ and run to the school. She was so attracted by the music. This touched my heart.
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VK-NARDEP : January 2011 Newsletter Published

Vivekananda Kendra-NARDEP Newsletter each month brings you not just VK-NARDEP monthly activities but also many aspects of Environmental philosophy behind our work. This month also the newsletter provides you wonderful amalgamation of eco-phlosophy and eco-actionalong.

February sees Darwin's birthday. Here Russian philosopher and biologist Peter Kroptokin shows how to understand evolution in a holistic manner. We present an excerpt from his famous lecture on 'Mutual Aid' and not competition as the basis of evolution.


We talk of sustainable development. What is it that makes a technology sustainable? Taking construction technology as an example we explore the idea of embedded energy and see how it can be used as a criterion for estimating how much sustainable a technology is. Do not miss the table of embedded energy for various building components given here.


A Varma workshop for Siddha physicians and students held at Vivekananda Kendra, Azolla training, a 100 Cubic meter bio-methanation plant constructed at PSG college Coimbatore and many other interesting events that happened last month at VK-nardep are presented for your view.


It is called Indian Jinseng. It is a herbal plant that has a great market potential. Its Sanskrit name is Aswagandha and Tamil name is Amukkra. Its botanicalname is Vitania sominifera. How to cultivate it in your own backyard as both a cash crop and also a medical herb for home use? Vk-nardep has published a book on this herbal plant as part of its efforts to conserve the indigenous medical knowledge. This newsletter gives a review of that book.


Visions of wisdom from J.C.Kumarappa on how to evolve institutions that have permanance. He says: In studying human institutions we should never lose sight of that great teacher, mother Nature. J.C.Bose the famous Indian scientist speaks of an indigenous understanding of science where intuition and meditation are held in concordance in the understanding of truth. He points out that in India this burning imaginationextract new order out of a mass of apparently contradictory facts, is also held in check by the habit of meditation. Carl Sagan speaks of how it is the birthright of every child to encounter the cosmos anew in every culture in every age.

On the whole this newsletter has for you eco-vision and action that we are sure you will all cherish.


You can read them all in January newsletter available for download here.

Download VK-NARDEP activity by clicking here.

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विजय ही विजय युवा शिविर : पटना केन्द्र

विवेकानंदा केंद्र कन्याकुमारी की शाखा पटना द्वारा विजय ही विजय युवा अभियान के अंतर्गत युवाओं को दिशा देने की दृष्टि से पुस्तक आधारित प्रतियोगिता ली गयी जो इस युवा अभियान का प्रथम चरण था ,जिसमे पटना के ७ महाविदालयों के १०५ प्रतिभागीओं ने भाग लिया |

इसमें से चयनित ६० युवाओं ने दुसरे चरण में एक दिवसीय कार्यशाला में भाग लिया| दुसरे चरण के चयनित युवाओं का तीन दिन का आवासीय शिविर पटना में दिनांक ३ फ़रवरी से ५ फ़रवरी २०११ तक आयोजित किया गया | जिसमे ३० की अपेक्षित संख्या में से १८ युवाओं ने भाग लिया | जिसमे १३ कार्यकर्ताओं के साथ १५ भाई तथा ३ बहने शिविरार्थी रही | शिविरार्थियो को ३ गणों में बांटा गया जिनके नाम क्रमशः अशोक, चन्द्रगुप्त, कुवंर सिंह, जो बिहार के गौरवसाली इतिहास के प्रतिनिधि है, के नाम पर रखे गए | शिबिर २.२.२०११ को सायं ५ बजे से प्रारंभ कर ५.२.२०११ २.३० बजे संपन्न हुआ |

शिबिर का उदघाटन ३.२.२०११ को सुबह १० बजे मेजर जनरल के.एन .सिंह के द्वारा दीप प्रजवलन कर किया गया | दीप प्रज्वलन के बाद उन्होंने शिविराथियो को अपने अनुभव बताये |

शिबिर की दिनचर्या सुबह ४.३० बजे जागरण से लेकर रत १० बजे तक रही | शिबिर में सुबह प्रातः स्मरण ,शारीरिक ,गीता पठन के साथ परीक्षा को लेकर आज के युवाओं की मानसिकता को देखते हुए परीक्षा दे हँसते-हँसते कार्यशाला के माध्यम से तनाव रहित परीक्षा कैसे दी जाय, इस विषय पर शिविराथियो का मार्गदर्शन किया गया | श्रमानुभाव , श्रमपरिहार के बाद , गौरवसाली इतिहास ,योद्धा सन्यासी विवेकानंदा, वर्त्तमान चुनोतियाँ ,संघटनात्मक कार्य की आवश्यकता आदि विषयों पर प्रत्येक दिवस दो सत्रों के माध्यम से विषयों के ज्ञाताओं के द्वारा शिबिरार्थ्यों का मार्गदर्शन कराया गया |

बौद्धिक योद्धा तथा वर्त्तमान चुनोतियो का निदान विषयों पर मंथन कराया गया तथा उसके प्रस्तुति के लिया प्रत्येक गाना को समय दिया जाता था |दुसरे सत्र के पश्चात खेल,गीत ,कहानी ,भजन संध्या के बाद प्रेरणा से पुनरुथान में दोनों दिवस चाणक्य तहत वीर सर्वरकर की विडिओ क्लिप दखाने के बाद कुंवर सिंह तहत मंडन मिश्र के जीवन के कुछ प्रसंग शिबिरार्थियों के सामने रखे गए | अंतिम दिवस आहुति सत्र लिया गया जिसमे अधिक से अधिक समयदान तथा श्रमदान के लिए आवाहन किया गया ,लिए हुए संकल्प को भारतमाता के चरणों में फूल द्वारा अर्पित करके सभी ने उसे पूर्ण करने का आशीर्वाद लिया |समापन सत्र में निर्मल श्रीवास्तव के मुख्य अथित्ये में संपन हुआ |

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