Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Gita Jayanti - Tezu - Pariwal Millan

 On the eve of Gita Jayanty, Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti Tezu Nagar Arunachal has organized day long Pariwal Millan program at VKV Tezu today on 3rd Jan.' 2021. Whilein, more than 100 VK Pariwal members were attended the pragram. Jt. General Secretary Vivekanda Kendra Kanyakumari Mananeeya Rekha Daveji has graced the occasion as Chief Guest.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Gita Jayanti 2020 - Jammu Kashmir Vibhag

 Gita Jayanti 2020 - Vivekananda Kendra Uttar Prant, Jammu Kashmir Vibhag

1. An online webinar was conducted on the topic "Geeta in Daily Life" in which people of our sampark in Kashmir was also invited.
Date : 25 December, 2020
Time : 7:00Pm
Participation : 56
Program started with prayers and followed by Bhajan, Vivekvaani, Kendra : An introduction and afterwards, Respected Speaker explained us about the importance of Geeta for the welfare of mankind. Each and every point was described in very simple words and he mainly focused on craving for eternal with example of God particle. Why Geeta important for youth? This question also impressively addressed by him.

Jammu Karyasthan

2. Gita Jayanti celebrated at Shiv Mandir , Trikuta Nagar.
Date : 27 December,2020
Time : 10:00 Am
Participation - 7
Here we had a healthy discussion after reading of Ma. Nivedita Didi's letter on Gita Jayanti and concluded by Sk Jain ji. We have also taken a samkalp to start a Swadhayaya varg from 12th January. Finally program completed with Pushpanjali and prasad distribution.

3. Gita Jayanti celebrated at Venu ji's Residence in Vinayak Nagar, Muthi.
Date : 27 December, 2020
Time : 5:00 Pm
The program received further direction by Bhajan Sandhya in the name of Sri Krishna. Here, Swami Kumar ji of Geeta Satsang Ashram was invited as a speaker and swami ji beautifully explained the teachings of Gita in musical way. How Gita emeges? What is Gita? Who is Lord Krishna? Why Gita? Gita for whom? All these basic concepts described by swami ji in a unique way.
The program concluded with a Pushpanjali and prasad distribution.
Participation - 18

4. Geeta Jayanti celebrated at Anurag ji's Residence in Lower Roop Nagar
Date - 3 January, 2020
Time - 2:00 Pm
Started with Shanti path and chanting of shlokas of Karmayog shlok sanghrah. Then, we held a discussion about Gita for Youth and my practical contribution to this work of God after introductory remark by Shiva ji on the basis of Nivedita Didi's letter. Some Bhajans of Lord Krishna also taken by Karyakartas. Finally, concluded with Geet ( Aaj tan man) and Prasad distribution.
Participation - 13

Geeta Jayanti - Balagarh Karyasthan West Bengal

 On the occasion Geeta Jayanti, Balagarh Karyasthan of Paschimbanga Pranta was organised a physical program on 2nd January,2021 at 3PM .

The program has started with Shanti Mantra Path & Lighting Lamp by Mananiya Pradeep Jaiswal ji , Prant Sampark Pramukh. Karma yoga slokes of Bhagavad Gita were chanted  followed by a ' Krishna Bhajan by the karyakartas. A mind blowing speech was delivered on Geeta Mahatya and we should implement it in our daily life by our special Guest Mananiya Ambika Prasad Seth.

Total 36 participants were present in the Program .

Geeta Jayanti Celebration at West Bengal

 On the occasion Geeta Jayanti, Santiniketan Bibhag of Paschimbanga Prant was organised a virtual program to celebrate the Gita Jayanti on 3rd January 2021

The program was started with a Vagan of Geeta and Shri Subrata Mondal , Sampark Pramukh Durgapur gave small introduction about Geeta Jayanti .

Our Chief Guest and Main speaker Shri Santinath Bhattacharya, President Vivekananda Janmotsob O Seva Samiti,Durgapur and Nagar Swadhay Varga Pramukh spoke on Karmayoga. He explained the inner meaning of Karmayoga with very simple language and how we should do our karma in our daily life .

Total 16 persons were participated in the program.

Weekly Kendra Varga at Durgapur Nagar ,Paschimbanga Prant


 Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, Durgapur Nagar Weekly Kendra Varga On 3rd January ,2021 from evening 4.30PM to 5.30PM at Vivekananda Uddyan ,M.A.M.C .

Kendra varga was started with Santi manta followed by Aikya mantra and Yoga Abhyas . We did swadhay on Samartha Bharat Parva , Shri Ruhidas Ghosh ,Nagar promukh conducted the Swadhay .

Kendra Varga was concluded with Santi Mantra followed by Kendra Prarthana .

Total 37 participants were participated in the Kendra varga .

Monthly Kendra Varga Paschimbanga Prant


Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, Paschimbanga Prant Monthly Kendra Varga On 3rd January from evening 5.30PM to 6.30PM.

Kendra Varga started with 3 Omkar, Shanti Path followed by Yoga Abhyas conducted by Shri Sanatan Mahakund ,  and Geet . Geeta Karma Yoga slokes were chanted by Ku. Subhangi Upadhay and We did the Swadhyay on Geeta Jayanti. Shri Janardan Ghosh Prof. of Belur Math University and Dakhineswar Karyasthan Sanyojak  did the presentations on Geeta in our daily life .

It was concluded with Shanti Mantra followed by Kendra Prarthana.

The Varga sanchalan was done by Shri Subrata Mondal.

Total 22 participants were participated in Kendra Varga .

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Geeta Jayanti - Chennai

 Gita jayanti programme was organized on 25th December in our Kendra premises by VKPT.  VKPT staff, karyakarthas and well wishers of Kendra chanted the Bhagavad Gita. Prof. Shantha, Retired principal of Chellammal College spoke on “How to apply GITA on our daily life?” During the talk, she reiterated that we are no less than Arjuna, psychological distress like fear, anxiety and evading as Arjuna. She also mentioned that Krishna is the best teacher and GITA is the manual of our life.  Mananeeya Rekha didi addressed on “Seva and Bhagavad Gita”, the importance of Gita when performing a work of nation-building. Vivekananda Kendra Patrika The Bhagavad Gita: India's National Scripture for Universal Well - being book was released by Mananeeya Rekha Didi and the first copy was received by Sri  Swaminathanji, our auditor and Prof. Shantha.

Geeta Jayanti - Uttar Pradesh

 विवेकानन्द केन्द्र कन्याकुमारी, उत्तर प्रदेश प्रांत द्वारा आयोजित ऑनलाइन

गीता जयंती उत्सव, 25 दिसंबर 2020, शुक्रवार, समय- शाम 7.00 से 8.00 बजे सम्पन्न हुआ।

विषय- दैनिक जीवन में गीता, मुख्य वक्ता - माननीय हनुमंत राव जी ( उपाध्यक्ष, विवेकानन्द केन्द्र, कन्याकुमारी) रहे। उपस्थिति संख्या 62 परिवार रहे।

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Geeta Jayanti and Dhuni Utsab Celebration Durgapur Nagar

 Vivekananda Kendra , Durgapur Nagar was organised a program on the occasion of Geeta Jayanti and Dhuni Utsab at Vivekananda Uddyan, M.A.M.C on 25th December .

Dhuni utsab was celebrated with yagna followed by mantra chanting . Shri Santi Nath Bhattacharya Ex. Sanskrit Teacher and President of Vivekananda Janmotsab O Seva Samiti described the Karmayoga with very simple words and by chanting the Karmayoga sloke .

In this occasion Woolen Blanket was also distributed to the needy people .

Total Participants in the Program - 67.

Geeta Jayanti Celebration at West Bengal

 On the occasion Geeta Jayanti, Eknath Bibhag and Bangla Prakashan Bibhag of Paschimbanga Pranta jointly organised a virtual program in celebration of Gita Jayanti on 25th Dec 2020.

Smt. Mitali Dutta Bangla Prakasan Vibhag karyakarta gave small introduction about Geeta Jayanti followed by Geeta Karmaya Yoga Sloke chanting by the karyakartas.

Chief Guest and Main speaker Swami Shivananda Maharaj, Assistant General Secretary of Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha,Kankhal Haridwar spoke on Karmayoga. He explained the inner meaning of Karmayoga with very simple language.

Total 85 person was participated in the program.

Geeta Jayanti - Mysore

 Vivekananda Kendra Mysore, Karnataka Dakshina prant,organized Geeta Jayanti celebration on 25th dec 2020. In that chief guest Shri C V Gopinath ji, former additional secretary to Govt of India conveyed message on Shrimad Bhagavadgita & Science. There was also competition of chanting of 3rd chapter of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta. 19 students, 20 parents and 7 karyakartas took part in the competition.

Geeta Jayanti - Telugu Prant

 Gita Jayanti, 25tj Dec 2020 Friday,  9.00 am to 12.30 pm,  Telugu Prant,  Godavari Vibhag,  W. Godavari,  Junnur, Ideal School.  Participants - 40 students + 10 teachers,  The students recited first 10 chapters from Bhagavad Gita,  Sh..  Subba Rao garu -the owner of the school spoke on Gita and it's importance,  Srinivas-the Godavari Vibhag Sangathak spoke on the selected shlokas from Kendra's Karma Yoga Shloka Sangraha and Man Making,  Sh..  Krishna garu-the Director of the School blessed all.

Geeta Jayanti - Kurnool

 Vivekananda Kendra Kurnool nagar, Telugu Prant organised geethajayanti and Samrth bharat parv on 25th dec 2020.Nagar Sanchalak sri G.pullaiah garu presided over the program.Nagar Vyavastha pramukh sri S.Sivaprasad introduced about the function.Chief guest and main speaker sri I.Venkateswrlu(Rtd Teacher) spoke on Srimad Bhagadvad Geetha and Swami Vivekananda. Some studnet chanted selected slokas on Karmayoga from Srimad Bhagvad Geeta. Between the midst of the critical pandemic, 50 people attended program with all safety majors.

Geeta Jayanti - Dwarka

 विवेकानंद केंद्र कन्याकुमारी, द्वारका नगर स्थान द्वारा आज गीता जयंती उत्सव का आयोजन किया गया।

यह आयोजन श्याम मन्दिर प्रांगण, पोचनपुर गांव, सेक्टर 23, द्वारका, नई दिल्ली में सम्पन्न हुआ जिसमें ग्राम और द्वारका सेक्टर 22/23 के लोगों ने उत्साहपूर्वक भाग लिया।

इस कार्यक्रम के मुख्य वक्ता श्री गौरीशंकर जी ने सभी लोगों का श्रीमद भगवत गीता पर मार्गदर्शन किया। उन्होंने वर्तमान में गीता ज्ञान की प्रासंगिकता पर अपने विचार रखते हुए, सभी घरों में गीता पठन पठान शुरू करने पर विशेष जोर दिया।

विवेकानंद केंद्र उत्तर प्रान्त के संपर्क प्रमुख श्री यज्ञिन भट्ट जी ने भी उपस्थित समूह को संबोधित किया।

मुख्य अतिथियों में श्री वीरेंद्र नेहरा जी, श्री रमेश खत्री जी, श्री सूरजपाल जी, श्री बलजीत सिंह जी, श्री ओम जी और श्री महेंद्र सहरावत जी भी कार्यक्रम में सम्मिलित हुए।  शांति मंत्र के साथ कार्यक्रम का सफल समापन हुआ।

Geeta Jayanti - Jodhpur

 विवेकानंद केंद्र जोधपुर गीता भवन में गीता जयंती का कार्यक्रम संपन्न हुआ। दैनिक जीवन में गीता और गीता जयंती का पत्र वाचन।

Geeta Jayanti - Beawar

 आज दिनाँक 25 दिसंबर को प्रातः 11 बजे ब्यावर में रीको II केन्द्र कार्यालय पर गीता जयन्ती का उत्सव मनाया गया।
श्री कपिल खंडेलवाल ने  केंद्र के पांच उत्सवों में से एक के मनाये जाने के पीछे के हेतु को बताया।
मुख्य वक्ता  श्री ऋषि आनन्द जी ने "कृष्णम वन्दे जगतगुरूम" मन्त्र की व्याख्या एवँ जीवन मे गीता के उपदेश की उपयोगिता को समझाया।
संस्कृत में कर्मयोग श्लोक संग्रह और हिन्दी मे दैनिक जीवन मे गीता के श्लोकों का पठन व दोहरान हुआ।
श्रीमती दीपिका खंडेलवाल, श्रीमती चंद्रकांता शर्मा एवं श्री अभिमन्यु जी गहलोत द्वारा लिए गए भजन के पश्चात शान्ति मन्त्र ,केन्द्र प्रार्थना और प्रसाद वितरण के साथ कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न हुआ।
कार्यक्रम में कुल उपस्थिति 45 रही।

Maths Quiz competition - VKV Dhemaji

 Team VKV Dhemaji has bagged second prize in the Maths Quiz competetion organized by Assam Academy of Mathematics, Dhemaji Chapter at Dhemaji college (22/12/2920).

Mathematics Day Celebration at VKV Bokuloni

 Mathematics Day Celebration at VKV Bokuloni
Full Day  - activities in Mathematics for classes VII and Ix.  The same to continue tomorrow for classes VI, VIII and X
22 Dec, Birth Day of Sri Ramananujan, National Mathematics day

Mathematics Day Celebrated in VKV Golaghat

 Mathematics Day Celebrated in VKV Golaghat.
Competitions like Mathematics puzzle race, Mathematical concept Charts  and Mathematics quiz were organised.

22 Dec, Birth Day of Sri Ramananujan, National Mathematics day

Samskar Varga by VKPV Jengraimukh

 Samskar Varga camp conducted by VKPV Jengraimukh in Phulani High school. Total participants 54.

योग प्रशिक्षण शिविर - रेवाड़ी - हरियाणा

 विवेकानंद केंद्र कन्याकुमारी शाखा रेवाड़ी की ओर से 10 दिवसीय ऑनलाइन योग सत्र का आयोजन दिनांक 3 दिसंबर से 12 दिसंबर तक किया गया । जिसमें कुल 27 लोगों ने पंजीकरण किया और नियमित रूप से 18 लोगों ने योगाभ्यास किया श्रीमती सरिता यादव एवं श्रीमती सावित्री यादव ने योग प्रशिक्षक का कार्यभार भली-भांति संभाला एवं इस ऑनलाइन का सफलतापूर्वक निर्वहन किया। इसमें मंत्र उच्चारण के साथ विभिन्न योगा अभ्यास करवाए गए इसमें मुख्य रूप से सूर्य नमस्कार, त्रिकोणासन, भुजंगासन, पश्चिमोत्तानासन, पादहस्तासन, सुप्त वज्रासन, का विशेष आदि अनेकों आसनों का अभ्यास कराया गया। प्रत्येक दिन एक बौद्धिक सत्र में बताया गया योग एक जीवन पद्धति है और महर्षि पतंजलि द्वारा प्रतिपादित किए गए योग सूत्रों का वर्णन किया गया। सत्र के समापन मैं अधिवक्ता रंजीत सिंह संपर्क प्रमुख हरियाणा प्रांत का योग एक जीवन पद्धति पर विशेष उद्बोधन रहा।

परिवार मिलन - दिल्ली विभाग

 विवेकानंद केंद्र कन्याकुमारी के उत्तर प्रांत के अंतर्गत दिल्ली विभाग में जवाहरलाल नेहरू विश्वविद्यालय में स्वामी विवेकानंद की प्रतिमा के अनावरण की पूर्व संध्या पर आयोजित चर्चा में दिनांक 11 नवंबर 2020 को हुए माननीया निवेदिता दीदी के बौद्धिक सत्र के बाद किए गए संपर्क के फल स्वरुप कल दिनांक 19 नवंबर 2020 को विवेकानंद केंद्र कन्याकुमारी के दिल्ली विभाग के कार्यालय पर परिवार मिलन का आयोजन किया गया। परिवार मिलन के इस कार्यक्रम में कुल 35 की संख्या उपस्थित रहीं जिनमें प्रांत समिति के सदस्यों के अलावा जेएनयू से आए प्रोफेसर्स  परिवार सहित उपस्थित रहे।  कार्य की दृष्टि से विश्वविद्यालय में परीपोषक योजना तथा एक स्टडी सर्कल को शुरू करने का नियोजन हुआ है।

Sadhana Divas - VK Kangda

 यह सूचित करते हुए अत्यंत हर्ष हो रहा है कि विवेकानंद केंद्र कन्याकुमारी शाखा कांगड़ा द्वारा दिनांक 19 नवम्बर को साधना दिवस उत्सव का आयोजन गूगल मीट के माध्यम से किया गया। यह कार्यक्रम वर्चुअल तोर से आयोजित हुआ। कार्यक्रम में कुल 13 लोगों की उपस्थिति रही। पूर्व नियोजित इस कार्यक्रम में हमने माननीय एकनाथ रानाडे जी की जीवनी को पढ़ा तथा विवेकानंद शिला स्मारक की कहानी पर चर्चा करते हुए एकनाथ जी की कार्यशैली तथा उनके व्यक्तित्व पर भी चर्चा की गई। माननीय अशोक रैणा जी ने मुख्य अतिथि के तौर पर आपने माननीय एकनाथ रानाडे जी के साथ विताए दिनों को याद कर एकनाथ जी द्वारा बताए गए मार्ग पर चलने की प्रेरणा दी।  कार्यक्रम साधना दिवस के इस उत्सव को एक संदेश  'सेवा ही साधना' व मानव सेवा का निश्चय लेकर कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न किया गय।

Personality Development Camp at Vivekananda Kendra Madurai

 On 13th December 2020, Vivekananda Kendra Madurai organised a one day Personality Development Camp especially for Sanskaravarga children. Totally 39 children participated and the organising team consisted of 11 Karyakarthas. All essential COVID precautionary guidelines were followed throughout the camp.

The camp started with prayer at 10.30 a.m. and Sri. Mahaadev, Sanskara Varga Sikshak conveyed the aim of the camp in which he stressed upon the importance of developing holistic personality. After a patriotic song, aagnyas practice was given which were well received by the children. The participants were divided into three ganas namely Veer Savarkar,  Subrahmaniya Siva and Velu Nachiar.

In story session, Sri. Balaji, Yuva Karyakartha narrated few life incidents of Mahakavi Bharathiyar in which he unfolded the multi-dimensional personality of Bharathiyar. He also conveyed the importance and meaning of the poem ‘Puthiya Athichudi’ written by Bharathiyar.

Group discussion was done gana-wise on the topics Shraddha, Purity – Outside & Inside, Personality which was moderated by respective gana pramukhs and elders. The children enthusiastically participated and one from each gana presented the points discussed.

After bhojan, value based short videos were shown, which children enjoyed very much and took up valuable messages. All the children energetically got involved in both the indoor and outdoor games played in the camp. They also expressed team spirit and patriotic urge while playing those games.

In the concluding session, Sri. Pragaspathi, Yuva Karyakartha made the children recall all the things they have learned in the camp since morning. He also insisted that all those values must be followed throughout the life.  The camp was concluded with Sarve bavanthu and Kendra Prarthana by 3.45 p.m..

Winter Relief Work Durgapur Nagar, Pachimbanga Prant

 In this Covid Pandemic Situation Vivekananda Kendra , Durgapur Nagar has started Woolen Blanket distribution (Winter Relief Work) from December,2020 . One of our well wisher Shri Mukesh Trivedi donates 1000 woolen blanket to Durgapur Nagar . We have started distribution those blankets in 7 slam areas of Durgapur where Some kendra work , Anandalaya are going on . Apart from this blankets were distributed to many daily wager and beggar also .

Till now total 600 woolen blanket were distributed and rest 400 yet to be distributed within December .

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Sadhana Divas Celebration Shantiniketan Vibhag

 Vivekananda Kendra , Paschimbanga Prant, Shantiniketan Vibhag was organised a webinar of the Sadhana Divas on 22nd November, Sunday from 7:30pm. to 8:30pm on Google Meet.
The introductory speech was given by Shri Subrata Das (Bolpur Sampark Sthan Karyakarta).
followed by Geet and Swamiji Pranam mantra by Sanskar Varg Karyakartas.

On the auspicious occasion our chief speaker Shri Soumeswar Boral (Saha Sanyojak ,Suri Karyasthan ) gave a talk on the Sadhana Divas to explained the Sadhana of Ma . Eknath Ji and what does actually Sadhana means to him.

The program concluded with Vote of thanks by Shri Pulok Chatterjee (Tarapith Sampark Sthan Karyakarta). The whole  program was  coordinated by Shri Subrata Mondal (Sampark Pramukh , Durgapur Nagar).

Total Participation was 49.

Sadhana Diwas Special Program - VK Madurai

 Vivekananda Kendra Madurai organised a special program of Sadhana Diwas on 6th December 2020 from 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. It was conducted through G-Meet and 43 Karyakarthas were present.

The program started with prayer and Shri. Prabhakaran Ji, Saha Nagar Pramukh welcomed the elders and all Karyakarthas and conveyed aim of the program briefly. After patriotic song, Mananeeya Hanumanthrao Ji, Vice President, VRM & VK delivered the special address on the topic ‘Seva  - The Spiritual Sadhana’ in which he insisted upon the Swamiji’s message that as everything is expression of God, all human beings are also expression of God. He explained how the two qualities - Nishsvarthatha (unselfishness) & Nirahankaratha (Egolessness) transforms work into worship which is spirituality. He clarified that Service does not become Sadhana but the Service itself is Sadhana. Also, Mananeeya Hanumanthrao Ji interacted with the Karyakarthas and clarified their doubts.

All the Karyakarthas could clearly understand the true meaning of Sadhana. Mananeeya Radha didi, Dakshin Prant Sangathak also blessed the occasion with her presence. Sri. D. Natarajan Ji, Karyapaddhati Pramukh delivered the happy address and the program concluded with Sarve bavanthu and Kendra Prarthana.

Weekly Swadhyay Varga Thiruvananthapuram

 After the successful completion of review & Discussion on the book- “Jeevitha Ratha Yatra” written by Swami Chidanadapuri Maharaj for almost 4 months, the Swadhyaya team has taken up the study of new book “ The story of Vivekanana Rock Memorial- As told by Shri. Eknath Ranade “ Malayalam version written by P. Narayanan Ji.

Ashokan ji has taken up the lead to brief on the book in this session. It started with the synopsis of the book. Vishnu ji also briefed on the dynamic everliving monument. Session ended with Shanti Mantra.

Date: 7th Nov. Sunday from 3pm to 4:10 pm
Mode: Zoom
Participants: 23
(Evening Session)-(Vibhag: Kerala; Branch: Thiruvananthapuram)

Personality Development Class for Children Thiruvananthapuram

 The class was conducted on Saturday 7th Nov from 8:00 am to 9:15 am for our Children. 36 students and 6 organizing team members were part of the class.

The theme of the class: Rashtra Devo Bhava.

Geet was ‘Vande Mataram Vande Mataram, Bharat  Vande Mataram Jaya Bharat Vande Mataram.

Kum. Harsha sang a patriotic song and Kumar Prayag recited a poem telling about why children should look after their parents.
Personality Development Class for Children-Weekly Initiative; Vibhag: Kerala; Branch: Thiruvananthapuram; Karya Sthan: Punnakulam)

Vivekananda Kendra Delegation (J&K)

 Vivekananda Kendra Delegation (J&K) met founding trustee of Gayatri Parivaar Shanti kunj, Sh. Ashok Gupta Ji at his residence. He had already visited our Headquarter (Kanyakumari) and VK SRMA Nagdandi (Kashmir). He is very supportive for organisational efforts for society. It was a great experience for us to meet an experienced person.