Friday, October 28, 2016

Youth workshop at Bilaspur

Under Utho Jago Yuva Abhiyan YOUTH WORKSHOP was organised in Bilaspur on 18th October 2016.

In this workshop main speakers were Ma. Bhanudasji, General Secretary of Vivekananda Kendra, Prof. Anjila Gupta, VC GGU, Vishisht Atithi- Dr. Ulhas Ware Pradesh Saiyojak Utho jaogo pratiyogita and Prof. BN Tiwary Ragistar GGU. Ma. Kishorji, Joint Gen. Secretary & Sushri Rachna Didi Madhyaprant Sangthak were also present during the workshop, which was ogranised under able leadership of Shri Kuldip, Nagar Sangathak of  Bilaspur. The function was held by Sri Ashutsoh, Nagar Yuva pramukh of VK Bilaspur.

The program were started with three Omkar and prayer followed by Kendra Parichay and after Vivek Wani and Patriotic Song, Ma. Bhanudasji guided the youths. The next  session  of workdhop is about interactive activity like Games and Group Discussion, which followed by the presentation group-wise.

Book Release at VK Thiruvananthapuram

The book release function

The book release function of the Malayalam translation of a well famous book, "YOGA - The Way of Life based on the Vision of Oneness" has been held at Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala. Shri Hanumanth Rao, Chief Mentor of the Yoga Certificate Course by Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari was specially present at this occasion.

One Day Youth Motivational Camp at VPMP Polytechnic

Open book examination was conducted at VPMP Polytechnic in Gandhinagar under Safal Yuva Samarth Bharat programme.

Total no of 55 students participated in examination. One day youth motivational camp was organized on the 25th October, 2016 at VPMP Polytechnic in Gandhinagar, sector 15, Gandhinagar. Total no of 22 students participated in the camp. Games, Songs, Suryanamaskar, Inspirational Lectures, songs Group Discussion were main activities of the camp. Shri Lokesh Keshre delivered an inspirational talk to the students. He requested students to be a contributive personality of the society. Certificates were distributed to the students in the august presence of Dr Kamleshbhai Upadhyay, Gujarat Prant Sahsanchalak and Shri A. J. Patel, Principal, VPMP Polytechnic, Gandhinagar  Total no of 5 karyakartas were present in the organizing team.

Vivekananda Kendra Rural Development September Month Report

We are happy and obliged to send you the activity report conducted by VKRDP. The details of our activities, for the month of September 2016, are listed for your ready reference and kind information.

1. “Sri Rama Jaya Rama” Mantra was chanted during Deepa Pooja, Shivalinga Pooja and daily by our Balwadi school children, cultural class students and during monthly meetings by our Balwadi teachers and Social Workers. Every month nearly 8, 12,718 times mantras were chanted in 84 localities.

2. Through 73 Balwadis, 1,842 rural Children were nurtured. In all the Balwadis, Malt along with hygienically prepared highly nutritive lunch with vegetables was served during the day. And in the evening vitamin-rich cereals were provided to the children.

3. In our Medicare Programme, 1798 patients were examined and treated for various common ailments, through 14 Rural Medical Centers in Kanyakumari, Nellai and Thoothukudi districts.

4. In 165 Samskara Vargas, 6317 students participated. The students were taught about the values of Indian Culture, through games, lectures & lessons. The feelings of oneness were strengthened among participants, through patriotic songs and games.

5. Under Adopt a Grannie Programme, 31 destitute and old people were provided with monthly solatiums, in the form of rice, dhal, oil, etc., for their livelihood and 104 persons provided rice only, in Southern four districts of Tamilnadu.

6. Monthly Deepa poojas were organized in 204 village temples in five districts of Southern Tamilnadu, in which 8619 ladies participated and offered prayers for the welfare of self, family and the society.

7. Under Amrita Surabhi Scheme, our Kendra workers collected 1366 Kgs of rice from five districts.

8. Through various branch centers, including Thoothukudi A.O. and book stalls, literature books were sold for Rs. 60,843 /-

9. Vivekavani Subscriptions for 271 three years one and 9 Yuva Bharathi were collected.

10. 80 women are being benefited in 4 Self Help Groups in Kanyakumari district.

11. Swadhyaya Varga has been conducted at one place, Aruppukottai in which 13 persons attended

12. 4 tailoring units are functioning well in Nellai & Kanyakumari districts with the total attendance of 81.

13. Shivalinga Poojas were conducted at 03 places in Kanyakumari District and 160 members participated.

14. Durga Pooja was conducted at 03 places, in Kanyakumari District in which 181 devotees participated.

15. Eye camps were conducted at 4 places, in Kanyakumari, Nellai and Thoothukudi districts in which 781 were treated for their eye ailments and 123 unter went cataract operation. 104 persons were given eye medicines and 32 persons were given spectacles.

16. Parents meeting was conducted at 8 places in Kanyakumari district and 298 persons participated.

17. Rural level competition was held in three districts Total No.of. competitions - 14, Schools -106, Students -1965, Parents - 78, Teachers - 132

18. 1008 deepa pooja was conducted in Kommadikottai in Thoothukudi district where 1295 people from 67 villages participated.

19. 2007 deepa pooja conducted at Rameshwaram in Ramnad district where 2469 people from 120 villages participated. Before Pooja in Mathru Sammelan Bhajans & inacting performed and by our workers and Sri.HanumanthaRao - All India Treasurer V.K.- Kanyakumari blessed the audians.

20. On September 5th Vinayagar chadurthi & memorial day of Mannaneeya Eknadji’s programme observed at Kanyakumari, and Annadhana distributed to nearly 1000 people. In Thoothukudi RDP office “Viveka Vinayagar” chadurthi function conductedand prasatham distributed to the devotees.

21. Universal Brotherhood day - celebrated on 11.09.2016 in 34 places in southern five districts and nearly 1780 people participated.

22. On 08/09/2016 in memory of Shri Ramadhas sweets were distibuted to 249 children in 8 balwadis from Tirunelveli districts.

23. Three days workshop conducted on creative teaching moduls for Creche. Supervisors / Teachers from 19.09.2016 to 21.09.2016 in Kanyakumari where 35 teachers and supervisors attended.

This month, we have distributed the rice which was collected through Amrita Surabhi and Anna Pooja to Balwadi children, old poor people and the institutions as mentioned below:
1. Mounagurusamy madam, Thootioodu, Kanyakumari district - 100 Kgs
2. Indhu Primary School, A.Thirumalapuram, Tirunelveli district - 200 Kgs


Janakipushpam – Vallioor – Tirunelveli District.

Thiru M.Ramesh, Thambaram, Chennai is a well wisher of Kendra and itsservices. Every year he donates for adopting elder citizens who have no dependants. Mr.Ramesh belongs to Middle class family. The recent rain – disastermade him lost everything he had earned. Hence I didn’t approach him for donation. But he had sent the amount without buying anything for his own. His service is a valuable one and it impressed me a lot.

T.R.Brindha –Kinatradivilai - Kanyakumari Distric

8 children belonging to ‘Narikkuravar’ group are coming to our Creche. Their attendance is not regular. They will come regularly for few days and absent for few days. Nowadays I get down from the bus at Villukuri and go to their place tofetch them. I will be waiting till they get ready. After coming to the Creche I take special care to make them know good habits. After three days I asked them about the good habits. A child named Muniasamy recalled everything and recited ‘Early to Rise’ ‘Early to bed’. Then only I have realized that with in 3 days the kids have developed a lot. Our efforts have some effects in them and I am contented and encouraged to do more for them.

R.Rathi – Kizhakottai - Ramnad District

Usually we take our Creche children for Medical check – up to the Siddha centre in our place. They will give medicines for cold, fever and a few other common problems. We gave the children those medicines with proper instruction to their parents. Two kids – Kavi Bharathi and Kaviyazhini are studying in our Creche. One day I received a call from their father in the night. Somewhat hesitated I attended the phone. He told me that his daughters were suffering from service cold and fever. Though we took them to the doctor for two days, there was noimprovement. The medicine sent by you last month gave them quick cure. He also asked me whether I was much impressed him that siddha medicine then. I was much impressed and felt very happy about my concern and the parent’s approach.

Monday, October 24, 2016

One Day Youth Motivational Camp at Gandhinagar

Open book examination was conducted at Government Engineering College and VPMP Polytechnic in Gandhinagar under Safal Yuva Samarth Bharat programme.

Total no of 150 students participated in examination. One day youth motivational camp was organized on the 15th October, 2016 at Government Engineering College, sector 28, Gandhinagar. Total no of 103 students participated in the camp. Games, Songs, Suryanamaskar, Inspirational Lectures, songs Group Discussion were main activities of the camp. Dr Kamleshbhai Upadhyay delivered an inspirational talk to the students. He requested students to be a contributive personality of the society. Total no of 16 karyakartas were present in the organizing team. 

Vishwabhanu June-July-2016

Time the great reformer goes on supplying the material so as to wake up the nation and its people from the slumber of self-destroying tamas. Nowhere is it as true as in our punyabhoomi, Bharath where every year offers an occasion to celebrate the life and message of our great heroes and heroines. Just two years back we had the 150th birthday celebration of Swami Vivekananda, the great awakener who catapulted the Indian heritage from neglect of deliberate and wanton destruction. The celebrations worked wonders in every nook and corner of our country. In the churning that followed we received the most wonderful gift of a great Prime Minister who is as cyclonic as the cyclonic monk whose name he carries with utmost humility.

Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir of Telugu Praant

Vivekananda Kendra - Telugu Praant organised the 4th Praant Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir from 1-7 October, 2016 at VK Kaushalam, Hyderabad, with six participants and five karyakartas in the organising team.
In addition to the regular conceptual sessions, two Yoga Pratimaans Pareeksha de Hastei Hastei and Tejas  were introduced. 

Vijiya Dasami & Vidyaramba celebration in vkv Vallioor

In vkv vallioor school, celebrated Vijaya Dasami & Vidyaramba in a grand manner on 11.10.2016.

In school, students arranged kolu two days before itself by building a rack of odd numbered (9) shelves of kolu. After the kolu set up was covered with fabric and adorned with various dolls and toys according to their size, with deities at the top and pooja also offered. This ceremony commenced with devotional prayer song by our teacher. Next one of our teachers Mrs. Devi welcomed the gatherings of the function.  Next our school Correspondent Shri. S.K. Subramanian felicitated the function and started the  Vidyaramba with a great inspiration.  Nearly 35  parents participated with their children  interestingly in this function. Next our new admission students wrote the great Manthra  ‘Ohm’ in the turmeric rice.  This is a way of ancient tradition method writing in the rice. The celebration came to  end with Kendra Prayer.  Prasatham was distributed to all. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

VKNARDEP this September 2016 Newsletter

Albert Einstein has talked in his own style of real liberation.
"A human being is part of a whole, called by us 'Universe'; a part limited in space and time. He experiences himself, his thought and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of Nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security".
The present day challenges of environment and development are both many and varied. Above all, these challenges are formidable. We need determined and strong people-oriented action. 'Green Rameswaram' movement is one such attempt and we seek everybody's cooperation in this endeavour.

उठो ! जागो ! युवा प्रेरणा शिविर मोरटक्का, ओम्कारेश्वर

विवेकानन्द केंद्र कन्याकुमारी इंदौर विभाग द्वारा दिनांक 21 सितम्बर से 25 सितम्बर २०१६ को मोरटक्का ओम्कारेश्वर में 5 दिवसीय युवा प्ररणा शिबिर का आयोजन किया गया।

शिविर में इंदौर, धार ,और उज्जैन जिला के 20 महाविद्यालयों से कुल १२२ शिविरार्थी ने भाग लिया। शिविर का प्रारंभ 21 सितम्बर सांय 6:30 बजे भजन संध्या से हुआ। भोजन के पश्चात् शिविर परिचय एवं प्रेरणा से पुनरुथान सत्र हुआ जिनके बाद विभाजित हुए गणों की गणश: बैठक की गई। इस तरह प्रथम दिन का समापन हुआ।

शिविरार्थीयो को 10 गणों में विभाजीत किया गया जिनके नाम दिये गये  हनुमंत, विक्रम, जितेन्द्र, महावीर, रामदास, रामदूत, कपीश्वर, पवनपुत्र, मारुती, और आनंजनेय। इनमे मारुती और आनंजने बहनों के गण थे और बाकि गण भाइयो के।

शिविर के दिनचर्या कुछ इस प्रकार थी। जागरण ,प्रात : स्मरण ,योग वर्ग, आल्पाहर, श्रम संस्कार और श्रम परिहार, गणभ्यास, प्रथम सत्र, स्वाध्याय वर्ग, भोजन, गणभ्यास/नेपुन्यवर्ग, जलपान, द्वितीय सत्र, संस्कार वर्ग, भजन संध्या, भोजन, प्रेरणा से पुनरुथान, गण बैठक, निशा स्वस्ति दिन का आरम्भ प्रात: 5 बजे जागरण से होता था। इसके बाद प्रात: स्मरण 6 बजे और 6:15 से “योग वर्ग “ होता था। योग वर्ग गणश : होता था। योग वर्ग का प्रारंभ   कब्बडी से किया गया। शिथलीकरण के बाद सूर्यनमस्कार का अभ्यास होता था। आसनो के पश्चात योग संकल्पना तथा यम इन विषय पर गण चर्चा की जाती थी एवं प्राणायाम का भी अभ्यास किया गया।

 “श्रम संस्कार “द्वारा शिविर परिसर की साफ-सफाइ कराकर शिविर में आये युवाओं को स्वछता का पाठ पढाया जाता था एवं उसके महत्व का बोध कराया जाता था।

शिविर में प्रतिदिन दो सत्र आयोजित होते थे जिसमे वक्तोओ को किसी विषय विशेष पर अपना वक्तव्य देना होता था जिसमे हे विवेकानन्द केंद्र का इतिहास, हे भारत उठो जागो, भारतीय संस्कृति वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण, इतिहास हमारा संभल है, सेवा की संकल्पना इन विषयों पर उद्बोधन हुआ। प्रथम सत्र के बाद “मंथन सत्र “ आयोजित किया जाता था। इसमें एक विषय को लेकर सभी गणों में चर्चा होती थी जिसका बाद हर गण से एक प्रतिनिधि आकर इसका सारांश प्रस्तुत करता था। मंथन के विषय : बाह्य और आतंरिक चुनौतिया, सेवा भाव यह रहे।

शिविर में शाम को “ संस्कार वर्ग “ आयोजित किया जाता था। जिसमे विभिन्न खेल खेले जाते थे एवं गीत तथा कहानियो के माध्यम से देशप्रेम  की भावना का संचार किया जाता था। शिविर में मुख्य विषय के रूप में हनुमान जी का जीवन बताया गया। सभी गणों का नामकरण उनके ही नाम पर किया गया था। हनुमान जी के जीवन चरित्र पर आधारित एक “ प्रेरना से पुनरुथान “ का सत्र भी आयोजित किया जाता था। इस सत्र में हनुमान जी के जीवन में घटी घटना उनके समक्ष आयी चुनौतिय, उनकी बुधिमत्ता ,व्यावहारिकता ,एवं आदि अनेक विषयो पर वक्तव्य होता था। तथा आज के युवा के लिय वे किस प्रकार एक प्रेरण स्त्रोत है। इस पर भी विचार किया जाता था।

“ नैपुण्य वर्ग ” में शिविरार्थी को विडियो क्लिप्स के माध्यम से महापुरुषों की जीवनी एकनाथ जी का जीवन, विवेकानंद केंद्र की स्थापना तथा शिलास्मारक का प्रस्तुतीकरण किया गया।

शिविर में प्रतिदिन एक सांयकलिन भजन संध्या का भी आयोजन किया जाता था जिसमे विभिन्न देवी देवताओ का संगीतमय संस्मरण किया जाता था।

शिविर के लिया उज्जैन जिले के 8 महाविध्यलायो में सम्पर्क किया गया जहाँ से 37 शिविरार्थी उपस्थित हुए। इसी प्रकार इंदौर से 8 एवं धार से 4 महाविध्यलयो का सम्पर्क हुआ जहाँ से क्रमशः 46  और 40 शिविरार्थी ने अपनी उपस्थिति दी।

इस शिविर का संचालन तिनो जिलो से आये 30 कार्यकर्ताओं ने किया। शिविर में विशेष रूप से केंद्र के राष्ट्रिय संयिक्त महासचिव मा. किशोरजी टोकेकर, मध्य प्रान्त संगठक कु. रचना दीदी, मध्य प्रान्त सह संचालक आ. रामभुवन सिंह जी कुशवाह इनका मार्गदर्शन युवाओं को प्राप्त हुआ।

Youth should read and understand Swami Vivekanand’s philosophy and work with self-confidence and determination, appealed Krishnamoorti

Nagpur, september 26 : Universal brotherhood is not just an emotional concept, but a vision of the strong person who wish welfare of all. The concept was propagated by Swami Vivekanand, who believed in physical and mental strength for a peaceful and satisfied society in the world.

This was stated by N Krishnamoorti, a dedicated fulltime worker of Vivekanand Kendra, Kanyakumari, Nagpur Centre, on Monday.

Krishnamoorti was delivering a lecture on ‘Gauravmay Bharat Ka Aadhar - Vishvabandhutva’. Col Sunil Deshpande, President of Prahar Jagruti Sanstha was in the chair. Life member of Vivekanand Kendra Vishwas Lapalkar and Dr Jagdish Hedau were seated on the dais.

The economy of India was very strong and till the 18th century it held 25% of the world’s wealth. Its economy was based on social system, self-sufficiency of villages and landlords ensuring that nobody in their village will remain hungry. The concern for entire society was a great strength of Indian society, which still exists in a major part of the nation,

Krishnamoorti said and added, the economy improves and remains stable, where people live together and care for each other. There was no standing army and everyone was ready to fight for the nation, when ever required. He advised the youth to become mentally and physically strong and work with positive approach. The history of any nation is stories of a handfull of strong persons with very strong self-confidence.

Several economists and philosophers have appreciated the strength of Indian social structure, which makes it a strong nation. With several aggressions efforts were made to break this social system and wisdom of people. The nuclear test in Pokharan again demonstrated strength of the nation, which the world recognised.

Krishnamoorti appealed to the youth to read and understand Swami Vivekanand’s philosophy and work with self-confidence and determination.

In his presidential address, Col Deshpande spoke briefly about ‘Prahar’ and his experiences as an Army Officer. He also emphasised on having self-confidence and determination for positive work. India has one of the best armies in the world. He appealed to the people to have faith in Indian Army and support it.

Renuka Indurkar gave information about the Kendra’s activities and read excerpts from his speech on Universal brotherhood. Meritorious students who

were attending Sanksar Classes of the Kendra, were felicitated on the occasion.