Sunday, June 29, 2014


World civilization is standing at crossroads. Man has lost his ability and willpower to discriminate between good and bad. As a result he is enhancing his tendency to drag down the ‘good’ and trample it under his feet. The latest expression of this is the way the media are trying to dishonor and dis-credit Pujya Amritananda Mayi Devi.

One thing which, we all should understand is that this challenge is not for Amma, but for her devotees who love, adore and worship her for the Universal expression of moth-erliness she embodies. “Matru devo bhava”, “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’, ‘Universal motherhood’, etc. Are ideals enshrined in the sanatana dharma which forms the basis of Hinduism wherein lies the strength and glory of Mother India.

First and foremost Amma’s manifestation of Universal Motherhood is what enchants every-body, irrespective of caste, creed, and nationality. For most people bilogical mother is just a machine fit only to produce children. They have not tasted the deep meaning of Matrudevo Bhava which is a maha-vakya holding within a great potential for the survival of mankind. Motherhood is the golden thread which connects us with the primeval mother, the principal cause of the universe. Identifying oneself with such an exalted cause is not easily grasped by most of us. Those who are unable to absorb this motherhood feel lost in the torrents of that purifying universal love and are afraid of loosing all their false values.

Second point is, Amma gave to temples a new meaning, dimension and practical relevance turning man away from foolish pursuits of rituals and making them concentrate on the Power residing within.

Amma’s temples have no commercial aura about them. The deity is very much inside oneself as well as in the temple outside. Through a variety of rituals and pujas the power of the deity is brought within the reach of human mind which brings lot of succour and consolation to the individual. Thirdly, religion got a new meaning and practical relevance when the rituals took the form of “tyaga and seva” and service of people became the central core of Math’s activity. Elsewhere we find service of people leading to their exploitation and religious conversions, often leading to annihilation of the local culture.

All these are capable of generating a lot of jealousy at individual and even at national and international levels, which can find expression only in one way, creating suspicion and hatred among devotees leading to the downfall of the movement. It is upto Amma’s devotees to see that we do not fall into their trap and cherish the real values of Motherhood. Let us remember Swami Viveananda’s words that Jealousy is one of the characteristics of Indian people which prevent them from expanding into higher reaches. Let us keep ourselves safe from the octopus grip of jealousy. It is our duty to help the Math in everyway we can to come out from the shadow to Light.

Vishwa-Banudhutva-Diwas, Feb March 2014 by vedicvision99:

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