Monday, June 30, 2014


The traditional water bodies renovation at Rameshwaram is now entering into the Green Rameshwaram phase. Eminent epigraphist S.Ramachandran and Sri.Rajendran a veteran expert on irrigation structures based inscriptions, identified a 'Sati stone' by the side of Sugreevar Teertham.

They also identified another inscription at the Mangala Teertham. This was about the renovation of the Teertham by a Sethupati (traditional protector and chieftain of Ramnad) who had fought against the British - popularly known as 'Rebel Sethupathi'. The surfacing of evidence of indigenous rulers creating and maintaining water harvesting structures in the 18th century is important and VK-nardep is happy to inform the readers that it is proud to be the catalytic agent in this noble endeavor. We are happy to announce that with UNICEF we have inaugurated the 'Eco-Awareness Camp for staff of Rameshwaram Municipality'. VK-nardep has also catalyzed the Solar Electrification at Dhanuskodi by Brahmos Aerospace, New Delhi. We have also conducted a green health camp at Rameshwaram. In the 'Happenings' we have a variety of activities including family camp, children's camp for developing scientific temper, Azolla training, Bio-methanation plant training and installation of Bio-methanation plants. In the publications section we have eco-toons from Samagra Vikas which call in for discussion on the direction of science. Also learn about how acidifying of the ocean leads to destruction of shells and marine life. In our 'Wiisdom' section Swami Vibudhesha Teertha a seer explains how 'no life is inferior' and Fritjof Capra physicist-author turned deep-ecologist explains the process of becoming eco-literate and eminent Indologist Dr.Sheshagiri Rao explains the eco-symbolism embedded in Indian mythology.

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