Saturday, October 25, 2014

The magnificent Puppet Show

The whole world is nothing but a magnificent Puppet Show. So says Kerala’s great poet of satire and originator of famous Ottanthullal. According to him, the director of the cosmic show goes on pulling the threads that make us move our head, hands and feet, that is, dance to his tune. When he pulls out the threads, lo, we fall down dead.

Isn’t the whole world then a ‘BOMMAKOLU’ where crores and crores of dolls or puppets – human beings, animals, birds and countless other organisms are made to play their part in a mega cosmic drama. Each man and woman thinks that he /she is the best actor and his/her acting is the best. Little do we realize we are all puppets and the one who pulls the threads remains invisible. We have to dance to his tune and when he pulls the thread, off we fall down dead.

This being a fact, why can’t we behave more responsibly, more pleasingly and dance more rhythmically and live more purposefully. Each doll in the bommakolu is a reflection of ourselves as is every creation in the universe. In Sri Sankaras words “Viswam dharpanamana nagari” – the world is a mirror. Let us, looking at the dolls in the bommakolu, learn to expand our understanding to include everything and remain happily attuned to all the creations in the universe.

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam is the message that the bommakolu gives. Meditate on the great truth that we are nothing but puppets in the Lords hands.

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