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15th August is a golden day in the history of our nation. It was on this day in 1947, that India achieved her independence from foreign rule. The British handed over the reigns of the government to our leaders and left the shores of India forever. Gandhiji, Nethaji, Subash Chandra Bose, V.O.Chithambaram Pillai,Sardhar Vallabhai Patel, Bhagath Singh and many others lived here and sacrificed their lives for the sake of our mother land. After a long struggle, we won freedom of our nation.

In our school 68th Independence day celebration was celebrated in a grand manner. The programme started at 8.00 A.M. On that happiest occasion we initiated our programme by an invocation song ‘Vandhe Madharam’ sung by VIII and IX standard students of V.K.V.

We paid our salutation to our Mother Bharath by unfolding our tricolour flag. The flag was hoisted by our honourable special guest Mananeeya Nivedhitha Didi, Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra. National Anthem was sung by all the participants.

The pledge was delivered by G.Ajith of VIII standard student.A hearty welcome is the best cheer. The welcome address was presented by S. Divya of XI standard student.

The students of V.K.V.performed a marvellous mass drill and showed the value of united effort. The students of IX standard expressed their patriotic feelings in the form of a song in our National language.
“Love to mother land is not recent origin. The love of Mother land is natural and spontaneous.” V.Sindhu of IX standard student delivered the speech in English about the importance of the day. Following that the students of VI,VII,VIII and Ix standard boys expressed the spirit of mutual co-operation through mass drill.

The students of IX and XI standard enacted Tamil drama and exhibited their patriotic spirit through a play “Velu Nachyar”.

The students of V, VI, VII and VIII standard entertained us with their colourful performance through their dance.

Language is a gift of God and it is the medium of thought”. J.Amisha of VIII standard delivered the speech in our National language about the importance of the day.Next the girls of IX standard sang a Tamil song of Mahakavi Bharathi’s “Aaduvome Pallu Paduvome”.
We had an eminent person Dr.Kumaraswamy, Associate Professor in History as our Chief guest. He formerly worked as Lieutenant commander in Naval N.C.C. at V.O.Chidambaram College in Tuticorin.

He expressed his views about the importance of the day. He addressed about the important leaders like Gandhiji, Nethaji, Subash Chandra Bose, Annie Bessant, Swami Vivekananda, Thirupur Kumaran etc. He also spoke about the freedom fighters who got freedom from the foreigners. He advised the students to follow peaceful method in their life to attain success.

The students of VI, VII,VIII,Ix and XI standard boys exposed their strength through pyramid.
Our special guest Man.Nivedhitha Didi,Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra addressed the gathering. She expressed her views about the freedom of our country. She exhibited the thought of Swami Vivekananda “Each nation has a purpose to guide the world”. So she advised the students to study well, respect the elders, and listen the words of their teachers and parents. The credit of mother land is to give respect for every one.

The students of VII, VIII, IX standard boys performed the band display. The best and the most things in this world can not be seen or even heared but most be felt with the heart”. Smt.Prema readout the prize list and the prizes were given away by our honourable Chief guest Dr.Kumaraswamy.
Our special guest Man.Niveditha Didi, Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra presented the memento to our honourable Chief guest.

Meenakshi of XI standard student delivered the vote of thanks.

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