Saturday, October 25, 2014

Safal Yuva - Yuva Bharat Presentation at surat

Safal Yuva - Yuva Bharat Presentation is based on success story on Vivekananda Rock Memorial has been conducted at various places in surat.
MEJSP PPT. Presentation at  Sheth C.D. Barfiwala College of Commerce, Sahyag Society, Samul Dairy Road,Surat- 395008  was conducted  on 9/09/2014  &  on 10/2014 from :8:00a.m to 10:00a.m.  Total  400 Youths  has participated.
MEJSP PPT. Presentation  at B.K.M Science College, Tithal Road, Valsad-396001 has been conducted  the 11th Sept.2014 (Univesal Brotherhood Day). 243 youth has participated for 2 hrs from 11:30a.m to 1:30p.m. The lecture session on the  UB Day was taken by the Shri. Sanjaybhai Pandya & the Presentation on the “ Safal Yuva Samarth Bharat” was taken by Shri. Punitbhai Gupta.
MEJSP PPT. Presentation was done by Shri. Ambarishbhai Parajiya (Vimarsh Sanyojak, VK,Surat)  at Gandhi Engineering college, Surat was conducted on 12/09/2014 from 4:00p.m to 5:00p.m  in which 78 youths has participated.
MEJSP PPT. Presentation at  Agriculture university, Navsari was conducted at start on 11th Sept. 2014 (Univesal Brotherhood Day).

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