Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From Solar Smiles to Pond of Nectar

As part of the 'Green Rameshwaram' project we have been able to bring smiles and light into the hamlets of Danushkodi with solar power installations. Sponsored by BrahMos Aerospace the project has not only lighted up the individual houses of the hamlet but also the community commons including the panchayat school and street lights in the area. The renewable energy installations is a short in the arm of the Green Rameshwaram project. Along with this we have also conducted a meeting of the special interest groups with the District Collector Sri.Nanthakumar IAS. The meeting was fruitful with a lot of suggestions and feed-back. A tribal products store has been opened at Rameshwaram at the Vivekananda Kendra premises. All these developments along with our work on sanitation can be read in this month newsletter.

The highlight however is the 'Dharmar Teertham;. After having located and identified theDharmar Teertham, now we have identified fresh water inside the almost intact structure buried inside the sand dunes for almost a century now. The find of fresh water inside the sand dune covered Teertham hit the headlines in a sensational manner. A flood of newspaper reports followed. Pilgrims as well as local residents visited the Teertham and the renovation work is going on in full-swing.

In our publication section, eco-toons from Samagra Vikas we provide the basic concept of Ayurveda and how it actually co-created health and provides wholesome health. The role of mind-body continuum is underlined and the coordination of various dimensions of the well being is also brought out. In the 'Happenings' different college training programmes in Green technologies have been highlighted. In the wisdom section we look at the connection of nature and mysticism, that of nature with the development of the child and also connection of nature with Dharma - are brought out.

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