Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Discourse on Jnan Yoga organised by Paschimbanga Prant

 Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari, Paschimbanga Prant has conducted a series of  Five Discourses in commemoration of the 7th International Day of Yoga through Webex & YouTube Live.

The speaker of the Second Discourse was Swami Sastrajnananda, Principal of Ramkrishna Mission College, Narendrapur, who gave a talk on 'Jnan Yoga' held on 13th June.

It started with the welcome speech  by Shri Arup Raha followed by Shanti Path.

Swamiji started his speech with the connotations of words Yoga and Jnan separately.

Yoga refers to the method that enables one to reach the highest Truth.Jnan has two aspects,external and internal. Through proper knowledge or Prakrista Jnan one can dive deep into the realm of inner existence and experience Pure Consciousness within that pervades around the external world as well.

The seeker of Knowledge should do Sadhana submerging the ego to discriminate and see the True Real and Unreal.True real never changes ,it was,is and will be.

It was concluded with Vote of Thanks by Shri Sudhis Nandy followed by Shanti Mantra.

Total Participants - 232

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