Monday, March 5, 2012

Students Benefited From Career Counselling

Students Benefited From Career CounsellingFeb. 5 days of Educational Career Guidance and Counselling workshops were conducted at different schools in the capital complex. The programme was organized byVivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti Itanagar in collaboration with acounselling team of Saraswati Thyagaraja College (STC) Coimbatore led by Sri S. Venkatesh, Secretary STC. The workshops wereconducted at Green Mount, Aronadaya Hr sec School, Kendra Vidhyalaya No.1, V.K.V Balijan, Simple Beginning coaching institutes Naharlagun and V.K.V Chimpu. 782 students participated in the workshop
Students Benefited From Career CounsellingIn Every Schools a very similar responds were seen in terms ofstudent curiosity about the career counselling. It was observed that students of our state are really in need of such exposure. It is not just Medical and Engineering where one can shine. But there are numbers of other courses that one can choose. The speciality of the workshop was that students were guided on “HOW TO CHOOSE WHAT CAREER”, In Order to Success in any course one need to indentify one’s own APTITUDE, TYPE OF PERSONALITY, INTELLIGENT LEVEL AND FIELD OF INTEREST. Identifying these aspects makes the chosen subject very easy to grasp and understand thus resulting excellent output. According to Dr. Janatius Director, centre for counselling and Guidance (STC) people remain unemployed because of mismatch of their educational course with own Aptitude and interest. He further said, even if a person is successful in securing a high profile job but if it is not of his liking and aptitude
his life would be in disaster. He won’t be living satisfied and happy life; instead he would be wasting his real talent and abilities. Sri Sadiq Basha HOD of English STC, has guided the students about theavailability of different courses with their institution in different parts India. The whole programme was coordinated by Sri Jahang Ajang an Educational Counsellor and karyakartas of Arun Jyoti.
As a coordinator and budding Educational Counsellor I would like to appeal every Educational Institutions and those likeminded people to encourage such activities. It is due to lack of educational guidance that there are lots of educated unemployed youths in Arunachal Pradesh.

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