Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Release : The Main Ceremonies of the Khasi

About Book :
Main Ceremonies of the Khasi cover 1st 4th From the abode of the clouds, where the famed Khasi community lives, is heard a prayer during the naming ceremony of a new born. It invokes the Almighty to bless the child not only with good health and fortune but integrity and honour; to guide its life by the tenets laid down from time immemorial based on the Truth-
  •  Komai lo ko Hok - Earn righteousness - walk on the path of truth and think and do only what is good and just, fair and correct
  •  Tip Briew Tip Blei - Know Man Know God - only when one understands oneself and one's fellow beings and respects and loves them will one understand Divinity
  •  Tip Kur Tip Kha - Know your kith, know your kin - to know members of one's maternal and paternal side to enhance social bonding.
 Thus goes a prayer during the marriage ceremony,

  •  Turn to Thee A Wei, 0 God, Lord and Master, Creator and Dispenser! Be with this couple, in the light and in the shade, in their speech and in their thought, in their actions and reactions, so that they may live as they should- respecting man and revering God...
 So also do the clansmen pray to the departed,

  •  Have no longings and regrets..tout go in peace to God as willed by Him..
Focusing on the three important stages of an individual's life -the naming, marriage and death ceremonies - The Main Ceremonies of the Khasi introduces us to the rich cultural life of the Khasi community. It not only gives details of the ceremonies associated with the Khasi life but also reflects their life's philosophy and social relationships.
It will be released on 21 March 2012 during the inauguration of the VKIC Conference Hall, Guwahati.

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