Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rameshwaram goes Green

Green Rameshwaram” is an initiative of Vivekananda Kendra under its Natural Resources Development Project (NARDEP) activities. As a catalytic agent, Vivekananda Kendra has brought the stakeholders together through networking to join hands in this transformation. It reinforces the belief that true development happens only when it is holistic and sustainable.
Rameshwaram is a unique island that has a special place in the hearts of Indians. It contains within its shores history, mythology, spirituality, religion, archeology, natural beauty, bio-diversity. It attracts tourists and pilgrims in equal numbers.
To preserve its wonderful gifts of nature, Rameshwaram needs to go green. It needs intelligent landscaping, green transport, a solid waste-disposal system, an underground drainage and sewage network, rain-water harvesting pits and livelihood opportunities for locals through sale of special merchandise. Rameshwaram needs to combine eco-tourism with religious tourism to preserve its place on the tourist map of India. Any developmental activity in Rameshwaram should focus on preserving its historical and archaeological monuments and conserve its ocean bio-diversity spots even as provisions are made for tourist influx.
While active involvement of the local stakeholders is crucial to the greening of Rameshwaram, tourists too must be made participants in its preservation. This can happen only through education. Rameshwaram needs multi-media centres to showcase its cultural, anthropological, natural heritage. A visit to Rameshwaram must be an experience, not just a trip. This newsletter is an attempt to showcase the initiatives happened in the month of August 2016 in different verticals for updation and seeks your involvement and participation like the Squirrel did to enable Lord Rama to build the bridge to Sri Lanka.

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