Thursday, September 29, 2016

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebration at Dombivali

Universal brotherhood day was celebrated with a noble idea i.e Youth Parliament, in the presence of seniormost Jeevanvrati Hon. N. Krishnamurthiji. ‘India vs Bharat’ was the theme, and Hon. N. Krishnamurthiji played the role of the speaker. There were three jurors and two secretaries from the locality. The jurors included Hon. Sudhir Joglekar, Hon. Ajit Karkare and Hon. Girish Tilak. The secretaries included Hon. Vinod Deshpande and Hon. Bipin Menon. 90 youth were present at the event. There was a debate, a stormy discussion on the various aspects of the theme, at the end of which the three jurors expressed their opinions on the theme. The debate was concluded by Hon. Krishnamurthiji himself. A separate committee of 15 members was formed by the senior youth social workers from our contacts in the city. Hon. Ashirwad Bondre was the committee head, and he, alongwith Hon. Mangala Oak (Konkan Vibhag Sangathak) were the organisers.

The event was quite a unique concept and was conducted successfully. A participation certificate was presented to everyone. A follow up session has been scheduled for 2nd of October. 50-55 youth have agreed to attend this session. They have also showed willingness to serve the nation through the medium of Vivekananda Kendra. 

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