Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Universal BrotherHood Day

 Universal Brotherhood Day on-line programme was celebrated by Brahmapur Vivekananda kendra in the evening of 11th September 2021.The program was initiated by Sushree Niyati Sahu with Aikya mantra and geet. Prof. Kishore Chandra Raut, the convener of the kendra introduced the guest Dr. Bibhudatta Achari, the Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Tax &GST of Phulbani district. Dr. Achari in his deliberation addressed the youth especially to adopt the values of Swami Vivekanand. He also asserted to adopt the idea of "Vasudev Kutunbakam" to signify the meaning of universal brotherhood. Dr. Gopal Krishna Panigrahy, Nagar pramukh of the kendra enlightened the purpose and activities of the kendra. At the end Mr. Bipra Charan Rath thanked everyone  for their presence in the google meet. Sushree Renuka, Jeevanbrathi of the kendra assisted in organising the event successfully.

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