Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Universal Brotherhood Day - Baleswar - Odisha

 Universal Brotherhood Day was successfully observed on the virtual mode today .In this meetingthe guest was professor Arun Ranjan Mishra , No. Of participants were 196.
Honorable speaker enlightening to all the participants by his words .some of the key points of his speech are :
1. Swami vivekananda was the prominent founder of National movement
2.swami vivekananda was an orator by divine right and undoubtedly the greatest figure at the Parliament.
3.we all have seen swamiji in photo, statue and also we all have read his lifehistory in many books,  but we were not following his path,character,personality in this today's world . For the development of ourself as well as for our  country we all should follow his path.

6:00 -6:05 -- santi patha - Sangita
6:05--6: 10-- Introduction of Guest & welcome speech - Niranjan sir
6:10-6:15-- song--Bijaylaxmi Didi
6:15-7:15--Speech-- prof.Arun Ranjan Mishra
7:15 -7:25- shradha jyanpan- premananda piri
7:25--7:30-- santi mantra & Kendra parthana-- Priti

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