Friday, December 16, 2016

Green Rameswaram Project November Month Report

"Once in a lifetime, everyone gets an inspirational call from God. In a flash, this reveals to us the purpose of our being born. I had such a moment once in the early hours of the morning in Guru Ki Nagri Sri Amritsar Sahib as I was walking barefoot near Sri Harmandir Sahib.

The Golden Temple is God's great gift to mankind, the signature of God on earth. It stands like the Heart of God Himself beating for humanity. But every devotee was struck and saddened by the painful contrast of the divine splendor of the sacred shrine with images of narrow lanes, unkempt and ill-maintained shops and buildings and chaotic surrounds.

These thoughts weighed me down too, as I walked under the starlit sky early that morning. Then, suddenly, the moment turned into an inspirational experience. I felt a voice directing me to accept 'seva' to transform and beautify the whole place. I knew then and there that all the hectic and ordinary pursuits and engagements of public life were petty compared to the service (seva) which the Voice was directing me to perform. I was over-awed and felt extremely humble before this voice. The next thing I remember from that moment is hearing myself saying, "I humbly accept this divine order" says 'Sukhbir Singh Badal', Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab. He undertook the seva and the rest as they say is history. Today Amritsar has a golden grandeur with a heritage tinge. The Rs.210 crore project has transformed the area around the iconic spots and people have a truly religious and cultural experience.

We the team members of 'Green Rameswaram' also have the same passion for transforming the Rameshwaram into a real holy town by implementing various schemes of the project. In this endeavor, we seek your help and cooperation.  

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