Friday, June 26, 2015

International Yoga celebrated at West Bengal

Vivekananda Kendra kanyakumari, West Bengal (Paschim Bang Pranta) organised the International Day of Yoga celebrations in different places of Bangal for our karyakartas and well wishers i.e Durga Puru:86, Kalana:150, Salt Lake: 400, Ramrajatala: 50, Calcutta Metro Bhavan: 106, total 822 nos. Of participants enjoy the real happiness by Practice Yoga. Vivekananda Kendra also observed this in advance one day before collaboration with Kreeda Bharati with the presence of Manyabar Governor Mananeey Kesharinath Tripathi and Central Youth & sports minister. Vivekananda Kendra also observed this occasion in many places with other local organisations in Kolkata. 

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