Monday, May 11, 2015

Floral Diversity to Eco-Selfie

This month we bring you a glimpse of the floral bio-diversity of Rameshwaram. It is a pictorial exhibit from our book series for Green Rameshwaram by VK-nardep with support from the WaSH programme of UNICEF. It provides an overall insight into the concept of bio-diversity and how it is very important to the Gulf of Mannar region. The fact that the real well-being and development of the society in a region is organically related to the healthy bio-diversity of the region cannot be overemphasized. Rameshwaram island being situated in the Gulf of Mannar biodiversity hot-spot can exert human-activity based influence on the Gulf of Mannar bio-diversity. The extent of awareness about the region’s bio-diversity and its relation to the livelihood and safety of this ancient town will make the influence that much positive for the posterity of human beings as well as other inhabitants of the planet.

In the happenings this month we have a series of workshops on sustainable agriculture,  workshop on “Traditional Siddha Varma Bone Setting Practices” and workshop on bio- methanation plants. In the publication section we explore Gandhi's idea of development with eco-toons from the Samagra Vikas. We explore how the western concept of development may not be suitable for developing traditional countries like India which may have to chart their own course of development which is both holistic and sustainable. In Green Rameshwaram we have students enthusiastically engaging themselves in a cleaning campaign. Do not miss to see their spirit that harmonizes work and fun... taking selfies as they clean the places.

In our wisdom section we have a Vedantic exposition of eco-values, an ecologist's view of eco-magic  and an evolutionary biologist's view of Eco-globalization. Here we have Swami Chinmayananda warning: Nature doesn't care whether beings are here or not - she wipes everything clean and rebuilds an entire generation. How many plants and animals have become extinct?

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