Thursday, May 14, 2015

Karyapaddhati Prashikshan Shibir at Pimpalad

Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari - Maharashtra Pranta conducted Karyapaddhati Prashikshan Shibir from 2nd May, 2015 to 7th May, 2015 at Vivekananda Kendra Prashikshan va Seva Prakalpa, Pimplad. Participants from different places reached Pimplad on 2nd May. Inauguration session started at 5 pm with Omkar chanting and Veda Mantra. General Secretory Mananeeya Shri Bhanudasji Dhakras and Maharashtra Pranta Pramukh Mananeeya Shri Abhayji Bapat were present on the occasion. Ma. Abhayji, while explaining the concept of the shibir, emphasized on the consolidation of the organizational set-up and training of the karyakartas at different levels. Ma. Bhanudasji, in his address said,”Karya Paddhati i.e. Yoga Varga, Swadhyay Varga and Sanskar Varga is for creating positive energy and channelize it for national reconstruction. Our Karya Paddhati is in tune with age old tradition of our motherland. We have to train ourselves so that we can conduct the Vargas effectively and consistently.”     

The shibir was conducted in two parts - 1 Sanskar Varga, 2 Swadhyay varga and Yoga Varga. All the 56 (sisters 30, brothers 26) karyakartas from Konkan, Pashchim Maharashtra, Devgiri and Vidarbha vibhags were divided in 5 groups – Anushasan, Satatya, Deshabhakti, Shuchita and Samarpan.

Daily routine was such that the karyakartas could discuss on the subjects like Importance of the Karyapaddhati, Chatusutri, Qualities of a Karyakarta, Need of organized work, Vaigyanik Drishtikon, Dayitvabodh etc after each bauddhik satra. There were practical sessions of each Varga twice in a day. The responsibility of conducting the Vargas was given to the groups on last two days. They planned it thoroughly and did it very well. Pratahsmaran, Shramasanskar, Bhajan Sandhya and Prerna se Punarutthan was equally enjoyed with all the Bauddhik Satras.

Mananeeya Vishwasji Lapalkar, Maharashtra Pranta Sangathak in his concluding address expressed his happiness. “All of us will go to our respective places and put in practice what we have learned here”, he said. In the concluding session, all offered flowers to The Guru – Omkara and took Vichar Pushpa – a book of Swamiji’s thoughts as Prasada. The Shibir ended with Shanti Mantra and Kendra Prarthana.

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