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VKVs Arunachal Pradesh : July 2012

No bird soars too high, if it soars with its own wings.”These words of the famous poet William Blake remind us the need of organised efforts to achieve the desired results.
The whole month witnessed a series of organised efforts to plan, re- visit the goals set with the guidance of Kendra Elders, taking stock of the activities conducted so far, analysing the exam results of Class X & XII and finalising the activities for the 150th Birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.
Trustee Board meeting
All the Trustees of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas of Arunachal Pradesh Trust assembled at VK Tezpur on 9th July to evaluate the overall performance of the schools, approve the financial auditing and also to decide important administrative matters. Seeing all the elders together in the formal occasion and getting the valuable guidance is really a great experience which helps the team to revisit the vision and also add new dimensions to goals.
Principals’ Meeting for the Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools
The meeting was held on the 10 & 11th of July at VKVAPT Dibrugarh. 18 Principals attended the meeting. Mananeeya Balakrishnanji and Nivedita Didi; the Vice Presidents, Adaraneeya Dr.Tejum Paduji, Trustee, Mananeeya D.Bhanudasji General Secretary, Mananeeya Pravinji, Joint General Secretary & Secretary of VKVs in North East made their noble presence to guide the Principals.
The reporting of the various aspects of the progress of the schools during the last academic session by the Principals was the highlight. There were important sessions like Delegation of works and empowering co-workers, Academic matters, changing trends in Education and preparing ourselves to accept the change were dealt in the meeting. There were also brain storming sessions on Admission policy, Preparation of Templates for Model School and analysing the results of Class X & XII.
Tirap Cluster Level Principals meeting
The meeting was conducted on 21st July, 2012 at VKV-Jairampur.  All the Principals of the cluster schools attended the meeting.  Shri. Krishna Kumar, cluster in charge, Shri. Unnikrishnan.P.M, Education Officer, Shri Nitin.R.Jain, Manager HRD and Kumari B. Radha Devi, Jt. Secretory  attended the meeting. The focus of the meeting was to make a minute level planning for the implementation of various programmes decided for the academic session.   The cluster Level Principals meeting of other clusters are scheduled in the month of August and 1st week of September.
Acharya Prashikshan Shibir for Mathematics Teachers
A three day Teachers orientation camp for Mathematics Teachers was held on 28th to 30th July at VKV- Nirjuli. 50 selected teachers from various VKVs have participated in the three day residential camp. Dr.P.K.Chaurasia, the renowned academician and the Assistant Professor of the Department of Education in Science and Mathematics, NCERT was the resource person for the camp.
Dr.P.K.Chaurasia has enriched the teachers through various sessions on the  Nature of Mathematics, Constructivism in Maths teaching, the need of developing Number sense among students, Conceptual understanding on fractions and the Art of Problem posing and problem solving skills. He has also equipped the teachers in handling ‘Geogebra’ to enhance Mathematics teaching.
He urged the teachers to focus on the five characteristics of Maths namely Precision, Definition, Reasoning, Coherence and Purposefulness and appealed the teachers to be imaginative and continuously thoughtful on the process of teaching.
There were also sessions on the Formative assessment in Mathematics by Smt. Shilpi Das Gupta of VKV- Itanagar, and the use of teaching aids in Mathematics by Shri. Ratul Sharma, VKV, Roing. It was very nice to see the enthusiasm of the teachers in learning, discussing and actively participating in the camp and could see some of the sessions went up to 10 pm due to the eagerness shown by the teachers in the camp. We fervently wish that the teaching of mathematics should go beyond teaching of mechanical operations in Mathematics. Let us work together to have pedagogical understanding to give conceptual clarity to our students.
All the schools have celebrated Gurupoornima with great pomp and show. The notable thing in the celebration is that the conscious efforts done by the school to increase the participation of parents.  Let us make a conscious effort to see that the   parents are invited for all the coming celebrations too.
Unhesitatingly for the help
The Principal, VKV Niausa- Shri R.M.Pillai, along with his staff Shri. Keshav Rai and Hemanta Gogoi without having a second thought rapidly rushed to save the Army Personnel whose vehicle met with an accident and fell in to a gorge near to Longding. Shri. R.M.Pillai and others went to Longding for the official purpose on 20th June. While retuning they saw the accident and jumped into action. They carried 4 Jawans to Hospital and informed to the army outpost about the accident. They nursed one of the soldiers who died in their hands after taking the last drip of water from them. The Commanding Officer of Rajput Regiment expressed his gratitude by thanking VKV- Niausa for their timely help.
VKVians excel in the State Level NTS Examination
10 students out of 25 students qualified for Stage 2 are from VKVs. VKV students bagged 3,4 & 5th Position in the state level Examination. Results are awaited in the Second stage examination.
Laurels to VKVs
Kum. Lijum Sora the alumni of VKV- Jirdin received the prestigious National Merit Award under the Dr.Ambedkar National Merit Awards Scheme from the Dr.Ambedkar Foundation , Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment , Government of India, New Delhi on her splendid performance in Class X examination in March 2011. She received a cash award a sum of 40,000/- (Forty thousand) and certificate. She also received Sangay Laden Award from the Department of Education for her Academic Performance Kudos to Kum. Lijum Sora!
Act on the educated young men, bring them together and organize them.  Great things can be done by great sacrifice only.  Work, work the idea, the plan... my brave, noble, good souls-to the wheel, to the wheel put your shoulders!  Stop not to look back for name, or fame or any such nonsense.  Throw the self overboard and work.  Remember, “The grass when made into a rope by being joined together can even chain a mad elephant.”

                                           ~~ Swami Vivekananda

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