Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gokulashtami & Raksha Bandan at VKV Vallioor

Gokulashtami & Raksha Bandan at VKV VallioorThe twin festivals Gokulashtami and Rakshabandhan were celebrated with an intense fervour  on 07.09.2012 in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Vallioor in Tamilnadu. The ceremony started at 10.30 A.M. in the presence of respected and beloved Ayyappanji, General secretary of  Rural Development Program of Vivekananda  Kendra,  respected correspondent of the school Sri. S.K.Subramanian, beloved principal Mrs. R. Andal.

The programme was started by singing the Krishna song by the students in the way of welcoming the Lord Krishna . Following that Mrs.S.Devi, one of the senior teacher of V.K.V School delivered a thought provoking lecture about Krishna Jayanthi and Rakshabandhan. In her speech she pointed out the 10 Avatharas and the greatness of Krishna Avathar. She also said that how the relationship should be maintained between the brothers and sisters.

Gokulashtami & Raksha Bandan at VKV VallioorSri.Ayyanpanji gave an oration about importance of Krishna Avathar and advised the students to get the prosperous future by following good manners.  Besides celebrating the programmes, our students chanted Bakthi yoga slogans from the Bhagavat geetha devotionaly. Dance of Gobikas and Uriyadi by two Balakrishnas were very special and also it beautified the programme. Each class sisters and brothers were asked to tie the Rakhi during the function. Finally celebration concluded by singing Kendra prayer . Truly the entire programme and its performance went of well and inspired the school children.

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