Thursday, September 13, 2012

VKVs Arunachal Pradesh : august 2012

Workshop for computer Teachers

A Three day workshop for the computer teachers was held from 6th to 8th August at VKV- Nirjuli with a view to streamline the computer education in our schools. 15 selected teachers from various VKVs attended the workshop. The wider dimensions of the concept of  Flow chart, HTML, MS-Access and Algorithms were  given in addition to the training in Software installation and Hardware maintenance. The workshop also finalized the effective teaching plan of computer science. The need of E- communication for better administration- computer teachers taking the lead was also discussed. Resources Persons were Smt. Kalpana didi, VK-Shimla, Shri. Premarajan & Shri. Krishna Kumar of VKVAPT, Dibrugarh and Shri. Sushant Rakshit, VKV-Jairampur.
Feathers on VKVians
It is really a matter of great happiness to share the news that three VKVians who were serving Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh as Circle Officers have been promoted as Extra Assistant Commissioners. All of them have excellent service record working in the interior parts of the state earning lot of reputation from the local populace for their hard work and sincerity. Kudos to Sri Lekhandu Thugon, Kum.Lui Chiba and Smt.Jayanti Pertin!
Prerana Shibir
A Three day residential camp for class VII day scholar students was conducted in VKV- Ziro, Yazali, Itanagar, Jairampur and Vivek Vihar. As per the report the average attendance of the camp in all places is 99%. The students of class VII are mostly the age of group of 12 to 13 yrs. That means they are on the transition period to adolescence from Latency.  In this important stage, bio-psycho-social forces are at work vigoursly. No matter how one has been raised, one’s personal ideologies are now chosen for oneself.The camp is meant to give the experience of systematic daily routine, to stay together with their class mates, to give motivation to excel in studies and to lead value based life at this very important period of their life.

Sessions “on Inspiration from Swami Vivekananda, Pariksha de haste, a parent’s view on his son/daughter, importance of Prayer, how to be an organised student and group discussions on time management, Characteristics of a healthy personality, My role as a promising youth of this great nation, Pratasmaran, Yogasana-Pranayama, Kridya Yoga, Bhajan Sandhya” etc were the important activities of the camp. In VKV- Itanagar many parents attended the valedictory function and expressed their happiness on the enthusiastic feedback of their wards.
Programme by Primary class students
There were two colorful programmes worth mentioning by primary class students of VKV- Nirjuli and Roing.  It is our resolve for this year that there would be at least three School level programmes in which one would be a science exhibition exclusively by the Primary class students. The Primary class students of VKV Roing presented a Talent Show which was witnessed and appreciated by 156 parents. VKV-Nirjuli prepared number of tableaus to depict the life of Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashatami. 1000 parents enjoyed the programme.
Winners in State Level Quiz
VKV – Itanagar and Banderdewa bagged First and Third respectively in the state level quiz competition conducted by  Derek O’ Brien , the famous quiz master of the country as a part of Arunachal Pradesh Energy development Agency’s state level celebration in connection with Rajiv Gandhi Akshaya Urja Diwas on 20th August. The participants of state level quiz were selected on the basis on District level quiz competition conducted in all the Districts by APEDA. VKVs Oyan, Jairampur, Kuporijo, Shergaon, Sunpura & Sher are the winners in their respective districts and participated in State Level Competition.
Banderdewa marched to victory
Banderdewa won the prestigious trophy for the best    contingent in the March past in the State Level Independence Day Celebration at IG Park Itanagar. Most of the schools have participated in District level celebrations at District Head quarters and displayed Band, PT display, Lezim, dumb-bells and won the appreciation from all. VKV- Dado for its maiden appearance in Nyapin captivated the minds of all by their unique performance of Suryanamaskar and Pyramid. The chief Guest of the programme announced 8 computers and other support to compliment the performance of the students.
Health Check-up
Schools are the dynamic settings for promoting health and wellness through various activities, and we have resolved to implement Health Education Programme in our schools. . Health Check up is a prime activity that we need to undertake it at frequent intervals for all the students. To attend their medical needs in time and to plan general strategy for healthy living, we have decided to conduct at least two general health check-up in all of our schools. VKV- Ziro, Tafrogam, Sunpura and Bana have conducted the general health Check-up as per the report received.

Smt. Anjalee Bellai,an alumnus of VKV- Tafrogam volunteered to teach a Mishmi song on Swami Vivekananda   to the students of VKV- Tezu.  Tears came in the eyes of the Principal and other two teachers who are also the alumni of VKV Tafrogam, as the song made them reminiscent about Swargeeya Mandakini Didi. This song was composed and taught with the guidance of Didi. She was a good singer and taught many songs to the students which they cherish even now. The team of VKV- Tezu decided to popularize the song on Swami Vivekananda to all the neighborhood schools within a short period.

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