Tuesday, November 17, 2015

VKNARDEP Oct Month Newsletter

This month newsletter we bring you two panels from Gramodaya Park that explain the importance of traditional water harvesting and water management systems which exist throughout South India. The Traditional water bodies (TWB) which we are renovating as part of the Green Rameshwaram projects are part of this larger systems. The principles behind these systems are explained in these panels. They should be understood to realize the context and importance of the renovation work that is being carried out by VK-nardep in Rameshwaram. It is both sacred and ecologically significant work. Today we have identified all the lost traditional water bodies in the island and have started renovating them. We have already successfully renovated 16 of these endangered water bodies.

In 'the happenings' section you can get a glimpse of our work in various fronts including sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and traditional medicine. We are happy to announce that we have conducted the national level seminar on Varma-Siddha therapy for joints and nerve problems. The function brought together more than 200 traditional Vaidyas and medical professionals and the event became an important step in conserving the traditional knowledge and disseminate it. Koodankulam Project Director Dr.Suresh and Kendra Vice-President Sri.Balakrishnanji graced the occasion. The regular training programmes on bio-methanation plant, extension activities in the form of study tour visits and construction of bio-methanation plants have been conducted.In Green Rameshwaram you can see the renovation works being carried out at the heritage building and also the phyto-treatment work through Vettiver and the newly discovered buried 'Parasuramar Teertham'.

In our publication section we introduce our 'manual for good hygienic practices' and a book on traditional medicines for daily use. Both are books published under the 'Green Rameshwaram' project with patronage from UNICEF. In our wisdom section we have Sri Aurobindo explain the importance of nature in evolution, the Japanese concept of equanimity of vision (banbutsu seidou) and we have a potter-Artist Rupert Spira explaining painter  Paul Cézanne's saying that “A time is coming when a carrot, freshly observed, will trigger a revolution": "Cézanne meant that if we could see even a simple everyday object such as a carrot, as it truly is, our experience would be revolutionized."

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