Monday, November 16, 2015

Sthanik Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir in Madurai

Vivekananda Kendra, Madurai branch conducted Karyakartha Prasikshan Shibhir at Vivekananda Vidya Mandir, Harvipatti. The shibhir started at 4.00 pm on 21-10-2015 and concluded at 4.00 pm on 24-10-2015. A total of 16 karyakarthas had participated out of which 13 were brothers and 3 were sisters. The organizing team consisted of 9 karyakarthas.

Srinivasan Ji, Professor, Sastra University inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp followed by a talk emphasizing patriotism and the culture of our country with various stories and real life incidents.
The participants were grouped into three namely Naren, Nivedhitha and Bharathi. Bhajan was conducted. After that the participants sat with their respective group members and introduced themselves. Various games were conducted and Shibhir Geeth was taught. The participants went to their nivas which were named Sarada and Bharathi.

The main aim of the camp was to create more karyakarthas, to inculcate leadership qualities and to train them for handling sanskara varga in schools.

The sessions on various topics including “Success story, Value based activity, Swami Vivekananda the Icon of youth, How to be a good leader, Patriotism in daily life” by Sri.Shanmugavelan, Sri.Balaji, Dr.Harishankarji, Sri.Kameshwaran and Sri.ArunNahendranji respectively, improved the intellectual growth of  karyakarthas.

In Manthan sessions, karyakarthas discussed on the topics “Live a purposeful life, How to conduct PDC, How to improve myself as a leader”.

In Abhyas Satra, “Pancha Uthsavas and How to conduct story-song-games in sanskar varga” were discussed. And they had planned to conduct PDC in their respective areas.
In Prerana Se Punarudhan, life incidents of Mananeeya Eknathji were shared. Karyakarthas saw the Eknathji Documentary film through which they get to know how the Rock memorial was constructed.                  
The concluding session started at 3.30 pm with prayer followed by introduction of Hanu Ji, Shibhir geeth. Hanu Ji gave an inspirational talk by quoting various incidents from the life of Swami Vivekananda and Swami ThathvaBodhaananda gave blessings to the youth.
All did pushpaanjali to Omkar and took Sankalpa as to work for the nation.

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