Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Activities at VK Indore

GuruPoornima Utsava : Indore, 01.08.2015. Gurupoornima, the festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers was celebrated by Vivekananda Kendra, Indore at Ram Mandir, Rajendra Nagar. Around 50-60 karyakartas and well wishers were present during the celebration.
The programme was started with Shanti Mantra and a patriotic song. The importace of the relation between Guru-Shishya and Omkar was narrated by Manisha Tiwari Didi. An inspiring story of Guru-Shishya was told by Tapasvi Kaka. The ceremony ended with Shanti path and  swalpahar was distributed.
Van Vihar : On 25.07.2015. Fifteen karyakartas went to Ralamandal Abhyaranya for Van Vihar. Despite of heavy rainfall and shivering cold weather the Karyakartas continued the journey and had a successful and memorable trip. We had lunch there followed by a patriotic song and discussion on the importace of self confidence and upcoming programmes  to be held. It was also decided that this type of van vihar will be organized once in four months.
Aanandalaya : Aanandalaya is organized once a week i.e., on Sunday in a nearby village at Indore. It is specially designed for the childrens of age group 8 to 16. Vivekananda Kendra, Indore is running the Aanandalaya project in two villages or colonies at Indore. One at Chitawad and another at Rajendra Nagar. The Programme runs according to the objectives of Kendra. The main aim of the activity is to connect with children and lead them in the right path It starts with prayer  followed by valuable speech and interesting games. Inspirational stories are also told to the childrens. Other activies involved in this programme are patriotic song and Yoga. Study session is likely to start soon. The session ends with Shanti Mantra.
Swadhyaya Varga : Swadhyaya Varga is organized once every week. It is held every Sunday evening at 4 PM. In this meeting, karyakartas gather together and discuss on the book chosen. Last month we discussed on the book “Naya Bharat Gado” which has been completed successfully. The book was read thoroughly and discussed. ‘Pustak Samapan Karyakram’ was organized on 16 August, 2015 in the presence of Aadarniya Sheetal Didi.
Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who passed away on 27 July 2015 was paid homage by karayakartas on 28 July 2015. A special program was organised in which all the karyakartas were present. Programme was started with 3 Omkar and prayers. Dr. Kalam’s contributions and life history was highlighted by Mukesh Bhaiya and aadharniya Sharadji Vajpeyi.  The ceremony concluded with shanti paath and offering of flowers.
Kendra Varga : The weekly meeting of karyakartas is held on every Thursday. A rest house owned by Shri Manoharji Dev located near Shubh Karaj Marriage Garden, Rajiv Gandhi Chauraha is fixed for the purpose of Kendra Varga. Atleast 8-15 karyakartas use to attend the meeting every week. It starts with prayers followed by games and discussions on topic relating life of great persons and inspirational books. Various activities of Kendra is also discussed. A pranayama is also practiced in every session of Kendra Varga. The session ends with prayers.

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