Monday, August 22, 2011

Three Days residential Personality Development Camp - Vadodara

A Three Days residential Personality Development Camp - Vadodara

shibir2A Three Days residential Personality Development Camp was organised by Vivekananda Kendra Kanyaumari Branch Vadodara, At IOCL Town Ship Vadodara, from Date 22-4-11 to 24-4-11.

Reporting time was 4.00 PM On 22-4-11. Total no of participant in camp was 57 out which 17 were sthanik Karyakarta, 6 no of participant were from Santrampur and one from Anand.

First lecture was delivered by Shri Vilas ji Bhonde on “ADARSH DINCHARYA ” and inspired participants to look at their current DINCHARYA and develop new “ADARSH DINCHARYA” based on inputs given in lecture ,and in Manthan they discussed the subject and the presented the outcome in PRASTUTI SATRA. An participant wrote and recite a nice poem showing how this camp inspired her for new life based on values.

A Creative workshop on Simple fundamental of science was conducted by Shri Prakash Bhai Joshi. Second Lecture on “SWAMI VIVEKANANDA EK DESHBHAKT” was delivered by Shailendra Bhai. Last day of the camp was dedicated for “SAMSKAR VARG” fisrt Lecture was jointly delivered by Shri Pramod Ji Bhatt and Shri Sangram Bhai on SANSKAR and SANSKAR VARG.

Participants were full of energy while playing “TANK YUDDH” & “MATIRE KI PHANK” in KHEL SATRA, and Story of RANI CHENNAMA and MADAN LAL DHINGRA Also Motivated participants.

Concluding Session or AHUTI SATRA for Participants and their Parents was Delivered by NAYANA BEN TRIVEDI , showing what is character and why it is required in today’s time.

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