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Rajkot Vibhag undertaken a well organized Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir from 28th April to 1st May, 2011 at Gayatri vibhag KPS 2011Temple, Vankaner, Dist : Rajkot.

This Shibir was started with registration of Students and Vyavastha Karyakartas at 4=30 pm on 28th April and all students divided in various team (Gan) like Gijubhai Badheka Gan, Gargi Gan etc under their respective Team Leader (Gan Pramukh).

On dot at 5=30 pm, Shibir started with pious chanting of 3 Omkars followed by Bhajan Sandhya. After it, preliminary instructions were given to the students and immidiatly after it, first Baudhik Satra on the subject “Rashtra Bhakta Swami Vivekananda” delivered by Rajkot Vibhag Sangathak Shri Jagdish Mehta.

After Bhojan, Students enjoyed the unique session of “Prerana se Punarutthan” – a package of Action Song, Game, Inspiring Story, Anubhav Kathan, Hanuman Chalisa and Atmavlokan. Before going to bed, each team conducted its meeting (Gansaha Baithak) and tried to understand meaning of name given to their team.

Next day, Shibir started with long whistle at 4=30 am followed by Morning Prayer (Pratah Smaran), Yoga Abhyas, Gita Shloka Abhyas (Karmayoga Shloka Samgraha), Brackfast, Shram Anubhav (Shram Sanskar) and students went for fresh-up (Parihar).

At 10 am, first Baudhik session of the day started and after that, a group discussion (Manthan Satra) completed with summing up on the subject. After lunch also students were busy with their Gan Pramukhs and Karyakartas to learn more aspects of Shibir contents.

Second session started with Abhyas satra followed by Baudhik Satra. After these two, participants performed their best in Open field Games. Again they gathered to feel emotional enjoyment in Bhajan Sandhya. Rest schedule was as per previous day.

This whole day schedule repeated on 30th April also. However, apparent positive change in each participants witnessed by all karyakartas. Now, participants were transformed into self-guided persons.

On last day of Shibir i.e. 1st May, participant performed 48 constant Surya Namaskar and did Pranayam also. By maintaining complete silence, participants entered in Main Hall for Samapan Satra and representatives from each Gan shared their experience in shibir and confess that this three days experience made miracle in their lives. No need to say that words coming from their heart brought free flow of tears in eyes of every karyakartas. Thereafter, as symbol to offer self in the feet of Bharat mata, each Participants and Karyakarta offered flowers before Omkar and Shibir Concluded with “Maha Prasad”.

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