Monday, August 22, 2011

Personality Development Camp, Surat


Surat branch of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari organized thee day residential camp for the students of 4th –10th standard. Altogether 34 students from different school participated & 8 karyakartaes present in this camp. The camp was organized in the picturesque site of “G.G.Zadafiya“ school in Varachha, Surat.

Registration started at 4pm on 29th of April followed by a short round of interactive session followed by Bhajan Sandhya which lasts for almost 45 minutes and supper. Anandamela (Prerna-se-punarutthan) started with introductory games the objectives of whichis to ensure that each of participants know the other participants very well . Not just name alone but also other other information about family members, address etc. Memory games / concentration enhancement games before the lights went off.

The day used to start at 5:15am and with the morning prayers followed by hour and half of Yogasana practice and Gita (Karmayoga slokasamgraha). After breakfast its time to render some service, sweeping cleaning, watering any similar other jobs in group that enhances group dynamism also inculcates habit of self-reliance.

Each lecture session is followed by group discussion on the topic extracted from the lecture itself, while discussing the given points it has been observed that these kind of discussion increases one’s understanding and presentation improves expression. The topic of lectures are Utho ! Jago !, What is real personality ?, Meri mata Bharat mata, Value Education. Group Discussion point are Environmental awerness, What is my aim ? How achieve ?etc. Also watching the video clips of Chanakya, Lead India, etc.

Games are all designed to improve group coordination, team spirit, and understanding. Games are conducted without help of any external aid (no additional materials), its only the field and the players. Different games for building stamina, agility, power are conducted . Bhajan Sandhya fill the air with spiritual fervor , all bhajans are sang in lead and follow pattern to give everyone a sense of participation.

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