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Prant KPS - 2After completion of Vibhas Level Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibirs in respective Vibhag of Gujarat, a State Level Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir concluded recently at Morbi, Dist : Rajkot.

All the Karyakartas and 17 Participants made reporting at Shibir Venue on 14th May, 2011 and after registration procedure, Shibir commenced with Bhajan Sandhya. Thereafter, Vivekananda Kendra’s Gujarat Prant Pramukh Shri Narendrabhai Trivedi inspired the participants for further huge task of 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda in his “Bij-Vyakhyan”. After Bhojan, “Prerana se Punarutthan” session brought all the participants closer. After it, Gana-saha Baithaks of participants’ team were conducted.

Next morning, all the Karyakartas and Participants heard a very very powerful sound of “Shankh-Dhwani” as an “Jagaran” (wake up) call at 4.30 am. It was really an amazing experience to wake up with “Shankh-Dhwani” on all 7 days. At sharp 5.15 am, Pratah Smaran (Morning Prayer) held followed by Yoga-Abhyas, Karma Yoga Shloka Bhavarth and Kendra Prarthana Bhavarth. It is important to note that entire Shibir was themed with “Yoga Satra se Yoga Varga tak” (From Yoga Satra to Yoga Varga) and accordingly, all 7 days, participants were trained with all aspects of Yoga like Loosening exercise, Surya Namaskar, Asanas, Pranayam, Sessions on Yoga, Agya Abhyas, Khel Satra, Mantra Chanting Abhyas etc.

Over and above regular Baudhik Satras, participants made well-equipped with informative & interactive sessions under the head of “Naipunya Satra” contaning the subjects like Publication, Projects, Programme (Purva Niyojan-Purna Niyojan-Anuvartan), Patrons, Baithak, Samparka, Nidhi Sankalan, Utsavas etc.

Manthan Satra has its own importance in Vivekananda Kendra’s Shibir. In this Shibir, all the Manthan Satras conducted based on the book “Seva hi Sadhana”.

On the concluding day of the Shibir, all Karyakartas and Participants performed non-stop 108 Surya Namaskar on the bank of River “Machchhu” (2 Km away from Shibir Venue). It was really an extra ordinary scene.

We all know that Morbi city is world famous for manufacturing of Quartz Clocks and one Shri Odhavjibhai Ramjibhai Patel (“ORPAT” in short) is the pioneer in this industries. Today, Shri O.R.Patel (ORPAT)himself is a brand name at world level. This miracle person is a founder person of Vivekananda Kendra’s activities in the city of Morbi since 1989. With this deep bondage, Shri O.R.Patel, inspite of his illness, remained present during whole “Ahuti Satra”. After completion of Shibir, he rewind his golden memories with Kendra.

On 21st May, 2011, Shibir concluded with “Maha-Prasad” and all participants (now transformed into Kendra Karyakartas) departed to their respective home town to join the Maha-Yajna of Man Making-Nation Building with echoes of Shibir geet “Charaiveti…Charaiveti…."

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