Friday, August 26, 2011

"Saha"-Yoga - a workshop for couples at Rajkot

Fun with meaning

Vivekananda Kendra is organizing various programmes for various classes of society like teachers, students, corporate people, families etc.

In this chain, recently on 6th and 7th August, 2011, Vivekananda Kendra’s Rajkot Vibhag organized Gujarat’s first
“Saha-Yoga” workshop for couples under the shelter of mother nature in Shomeshwar Ashram, Munjka Village, Rajkot, wherein 11 couples participated.

On 6th, all participants were welcomed with “Kum-Kum Tilak” by little dolls Kavya (6 years) and Veer (5 years). Sharp at 4.30, workshop started with "Deep Prajvan" by Rajkot Nagar Sanchalak Shri Gajendrabhai Joshi and Susri Vinodiniben Joshi along with chanting of 3 Omkars and Shanti Paath. Thereafter, participants enjoyed games in “Prerana se Punarutthan” and understood the secret of life through lighter moments.

Thereafter, participants again gathered for first Interaction Session “Realizing Oneness” by Shri Jagdish Mehta, Rajkot Vibhag sangathk, wherein participants understood the concept of Oneness and expansion of self-I to whole Universe (Yashti to Samasthti). Thereafter they experienced physical and mental relaxation in Yogic Exercise and Pranayam Satra conducted by Smitaben Vyas and Chandniben Parsania.

First day’s programme concluded with light supper and as a result of first session, all participants were busy with topic of “Oneness” even on dinning table also.

All Vyavastha Karyakartas preferred to take night stay at Ashram.

Next day, Karkartas gathered for morning prayer, Gita Pathan, Yoga and Shramanubhav.

Again, programme started at 9.30 with Yoga session wherein Participants practiced Stitching exercise and Asans followed by lighter moments related to second interaction session “Parenting with Joy” by Divyeshbhai Mehta.

Next session started after lunch in form of lighter moments and thereafter, session III – “ Towards purposeful family” conducted by Shri Jagdish Mehta.

After tea break, meditation session “Bhav-Dhyan” conducted by Riddhiben Mehta wherein all participants traveled in another world. It was amazing experience for them.

Last and 4th session of the workshop – “Kriti Sankalpa” conducted by Susri Shitalben Joshi. She loudly appealed to start new journey of life together and to think about our responsibilities towards the nation.

In their feedback session, all participants express their experiences and they express their will to join future activities of Kendra. It is pertinent to note that Vivekananda Kendra had kept special arrangment for small children of participants in which, Shri Milapbhai played with them and taught them songs, games and all the fun. Participants were really could feel very free due to this unique arrangement. Children enjoyed the company of Shri Milapbhai to that extend that no child was ready to home with his parents.

Programme concluded with flower offering before Omkar.

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