Monday, August 22, 2011

Kirtan Melawa

kirtan_nardiyaKirtan melawa was arranged by Vivekananda Kendra Prashikshan Va seva Prakapla on 23rd and 24th Apr. 2011. The aim was to spread message of Swamiji in all villages up to 2013-14 on 150th birth anniversary of Swamiji. On 23rd Apr 86 kirtankars were present and on 24th 97 Kirtankars were present. Out of these kirtankars 11 were women. There are 2 types of Kirtans one is sampradaik i.e. Varkari kirtan and another is Nardiya kirtan. Some of them perform kirtan in both the ways. There is very much difference in the presentation of both the kirtans. Both kirtankars are usually very much rigid. But at the platform of Vivekananda Kendra it is possible to gather both of them at same time. It is possible because of Swamiji. They love him and both of them tell the stories of Swami Vivekananda in their Kirtans. We also arranged both type of Kirtans. On 23rd there was varkari kirtan on Swamiji presentated by Anantdas Maharaj, Kasabedkar from Malegaon. On 24th there was nardiya kirtan on Swamiji presented by Charudatta Aphale Maharaj Pune. All were very much delighted by both the kirtans. 2 lectures were delivered by Ma. Niveditatai and one by Gavle Maharaj from Nashik. 2 charcha satras were there. One on hardles before India and another on planning after this melawa. All kirtankars participated actively in all programmes. This idea of gather all kirtankars is very much new to them and they enjoyed it.

We gave 5 books to everybody namely Swamiji’s Charitra, Sanchyan, Shaktidayi Vichar, Katha Vivekanandanchya and Ameriketil Swami Vivekananda. A script was also prepared telling thoughts of Swamiji and concerned story in his life and distributed to all kirtankars.

All said that it is a beginning and they will participate it in future actively. Tentative date for next meeting decided is Vadya Ashadhi Ekadashi. 6 kirtankar women from Pune said that they will perform kirtan on various places on Swamiji and will send the report to Prakalpa.

With the grace of Shri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda & Ma Sarda the kirtan melawa was grand success.

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