Friday, January 29, 2016

Samartha Bharat Parva Celebration at Mysore

25.12.2015- Rastrachintana diwas Bharatmata poojan and Inter school and college patriotic song      competition.  
26.12.2015- Competition on song related to swami Vivekananda.
27.12.2015- competition on Devotional songs
28.12.2015- competition on folk song
29.12.2015- essay, rangoli, drawing and quiz competitions.
30.12.2015 to 7.1.2016 – Saskritha sambhashana shibir.
01.01.2016 – Kalpataru Diwas. Ma. C V Gopinathji, was chief guest and main speaker. The book incidents from the life of Swami Vivekaanada ( Kannada) released by Sri Gopinathji.
8.1.2016 to 11.1.2016- Written quiz on Samartha bharata and Swami Vivekananda in different schools and colleges: 
1. Adarsha High school- 108 students,
2. Caveri High school- 129,
3.Sidartha High school- 87,
4. Vanita Sadana High school- 96,
5.  Govinda Rao High school- 108,
6. Maharaja P U College- 167,
7. Maharaja High school- 107,
8.  Kuvempu high school- 32,
9.  Balodyana Kannada School- 76,
10. Royal school- 9,
11. Balodyana English school- 43, 
12.Pailwan Basavaiaha school- 36.
13. Arunodaya P U College, Ajjampura- 128,     
14.Kannada Nootana High school, Ajjampura- 320,
15. Govt PUCollege, Ajjampura- 170 students .
16. Samskara varga students : 167.  Total students participated : 1783.

12.01.2016- Vivekananda Jayanti at Vivekananda Kendra, Mysore. Sri Santosh, Asst Prof.   Maharaja P U College was the main speaker. Smt Nagaratnamma Chief Guest in the programm. Dr. A S Chandrashekarji, Nagarsanchalak, V K Mysore presided the program. About 200 people attended.
13.01.2016 celebrated at J S S Hostel, Laxmipuram, Mysore. Dr. A S Chandrashekarji, Nagara Sanchalak spoke about Swamiji’s message. Sri  Shivalinghayya presided the programm. 158 hostel students, wardens, cook and other welwishers attended.
16.01.2016 jayanti celebrated at  Adarsha High school,  Caveri High school, Sidartha High school,  Vanita Sadana High school,   Govinda Rao High school,  Maharaja P U College,  Maharaja High school,  Kuvempu high school,   Balodyana Kannada School,  Royal school, Balodyana English school, Pailwan Basavaiaha school. Capital Public school.

19.01.2016 jayanti celebrated at Govt First Grade College, Vijayanagara, Mysore. Movie on Vivekananda by Vivekananda and Ma. Ekanathji shown to students. Dr. A S Chandrashekarji spoke on swamiji’s message to Youths. Concluded with Pushparpana.

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