Tuesday, January 19, 2016

VKNARDEP Dec Month Newsletter

This month’s newsletter brings you excerpts from our book “Renewable Energy: An Introduction”. Green Rameshwaram project envisions a multi-dimensional approach to the cleaning and greening of this ancient island. Today renewable energy sources and technologies for energy production from renewable sources have become important. The book explores and introduces renewable energy sources.
In our happenings section, we have training programmes on Farming practices, Holistic health, Renewable energy sources etc.  In the ‘Green Rameshwaram’ project, we have highlighted Renovation of traditional water bodies and various other programmes such as cleaning, tree plantation, renovation of ancient building etc.
In the wisdom section, we have Kanchi Parmachariya imploring for lowering the standard of living as it will help in practicing high values in life. Lewis Mumford, American Historian & Sociologist says that the watchwords of the new world enveloping culture will be cultivation, humanization, cooperation and symbiosis. While, Aurelio Peccei, Italian scholar & Industrialist appeals that we must encourage the rise of new value systems to redress our inner balance, and of new spiritual, ethical, philosophical, social, aesthetic and artistic motivations to fill the emptiness of our life.

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