Saturday, January 10, 2015


The importance of coral reefs for fishing in the Rameshwaram island. If coral reefs disappear then fish populations are affected. If fish populations dwindle then fishing communities are affected. Fishing communities  being an integral part of the socio-ecological fabric of the island the adverse impact on their livelihood shall disrupt the social fabric of the island. So conserving biodiversity of coral reefs is a very important obligation not only for the residents of Rameshwaram but also for the pilgrim-tourists who visit the island.

The newsletter also provides you the concluding part of the minutes of the third brain-storming session on Green Rameshwaram that was held at Rameshwaram island itself with public participation on October 11 2014.

The monsoons have arrived and this time Rameshwaram island has been made ready to collect more water than previous years. After decades the ruined, polluted and abandoned water bodies are now ready with a renovated beautiful new face to receive the water from the monsoons.
This month we show how beautifully the Arjuna Teertham is filled with the water of the monsoons. From the way the teertham was almost lost and now standing filled with water is a scene that is for every Indian to behold and be happy and proud. May this inspire us to preserve and renovate our abandoned water bodies which are a great national asset. Water is fast becoming a scarce resource. In such an emerging situation conserving every rain water counts. We are sure the future generations will look at these renovated water bodies with great gratitude and it is up to every one of us to preserve them and pass them on to posterity. Make sure you share this wonderful news with your near and dear ones and spread the message of water conservation.

In our happenings section we have Azolla and Green technologies training for theJharkhand farmers; Bio-methanation plant training and South Indian seminar on Varma therapy with special reference to orthopedic problems. The seminar and workshop was inaugurated by Dr.Sivathanu Pillai who headed the Brahmos. Many traditional therapists as well as medical professionals attended the meet. It was a confluence of minds and hearts : exchanging ideas and conserving as well as documenting the traditional knowledge for updating and adapting to the changing situations. This is a very important endeavor that VK-nardep has been taking to preserve the ancient science of Siddha-Varma which is a very effective yet cost-effective system of indigenous medical knowledge.

In our publication section we bring out eco-cartoons for the ethical and ecological market products: it is not making people purchase more but purchase what is needed for life and good for environment. In our wisdom section we have an Italian philosopher discuss how there is unity behind the varying names and forms; an ethno-mathematician discusses how the mathematics has cultural underpinning and the temple geometry is a holistic way of using mathematics for sustainable living. We have C.Rajagopalachari the great Indian statesman making a statement that anticipates today's environmental crisis decades before they dawned on our conscience. He draws a parallel between fish in the ocean trying to change the nature of ocean water leading to their perishing; such would be the fate of humanity if it meddles with the environment in which it has evolved he says.

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