Friday, January 16, 2015


This month we show you how the local cattle of Rameshwaram can be nurtured and the local bio-diversity turned into an asset by using the local traditions like feeding the cow. The Rameshwaram cow is a dwarf variety cow and is unique. The solution we provide in 'Green Rameshwaram' combines both the modernity and tradition and thus is holistic. We are sure you will enjoy this synthesis that VK-nardep is attempting to bring to the ancient island and modern municipality of Rameshwaram. This month also saw an enthusiastic participation in 'Green Rameshwaram' by college students from Kanyakumari district. Kanyakumari is also another important pilgrimage town and thus the uniting of human efforts from these two pilgrim centers in creating green Rameshwaram is indeed a wonderful experience.  As if by synchronicity we also found pilgrims from other state joining in big numbers independently for the cleaning of the car streets of Rameshwaram. You can read about all that in this newsletter.

In the events section we have Jharkhand farmers learning the Azolla and Bio-manure technology; traditional Siddha bone setting workshop; biogas training programme and exposure visit of farmers.We have constructed 8 bio- methnation plants in the island of Rameshwaram. You will read about the fourth brainstorming session on Green Rameshwaram held at the island with the district collector participating in it. You will also notice that UNICEF sponsored events are on the full swing in Ramseshwaram. In fact very interesting events and challenges are unfolding before us.

In our publications section we look at the real nature of unemployment that is created by the conventional economic progress. The eco-toons will convey to you new concepts like 'creative destruction' and 'discouraged work era'. In the wisdom section we bring you Subash Kak - famous physicist who talks about animal intelligence and J.C.Kumarappa the famous Gandhian economist on the value of permanence. Then we have an excerpt from the work of a neurobiologist who speaks about the need to keep science open and wonder filled. Let us see an excerpt from what J.C.Kumarappa says which we have reproduced in our newsletter:The more advanced in culture a person becomes,the less will he be guided by such short-sighted perishable standards of value. Such a basis, detached and independent of personal feelings, controlled by ideals which have their roots in the permanent order of things, are objective and so are true and reliable guides. An economy, based on such values, will be a prerequisite to the achievement of permanence. Surely the Gandhian economist was well ahead of his times.

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