Friday, April 19, 2013

Four Time Tested Formulae for Personality Development

3-7f1ead005bCome summer there is a plethora of Personality Development Camps. Each organization conducts programmes which they think are best to expand the personality of the candidates. Pondering over that, we came across four formulae from our treasure house of spiritual heritage to help Personality Development of an individual.
Chidlren usually think that eating good food, putting on weight, wearing good dress and ornaments are all ways of developing their personality. This has to be modified with a new programme. Our great rishis with their deep in-sight into the personality of the human beings have given us these formule for a wholesome expansion of the human being.
Sareeramadhyam khalu dharma sadhanam
”Children should be made to understand the glorious idea of making use of the body as an instrument to carryout Dharma. Truth must blossom into dharma through their lives. So all those activities centred on Truth like recognising others as our own, serving them, giving up selfish desires and motivations, carrying out activities for the propagation of good, etc. can be brought under dharmic activities which will bring spiritual strength and vigour to the body. Our youth are totally unaware of this blissful expansion which they can effortlessly achieve.
Vasudhaiva kutumbakam
The above concept centered in the awareness of one Truth, visualizing the whole Universe as one’s family leads to an unparalleled expansion of human mind which provides a homely remedy for all the ills which are creeping into one’s mind spoiling our interrelationships with people and the environment.
The statement says that ‘the whole universe is one family’. The welfare of the family rests on the proper exercise of the right sand responsibilities by all its members individually and collectively. Respect, regard, love,sacrifice, service – manifold are the expressions through which those rights and responsibilities are exercised in real life. In the togetherness,mutuality, each member responsibly carrying out one’s duties remaining as part of the whole and ever keeping at bay his individualistic egotism, lie the wholesomeness of a family. To get at this magnificent cohesiveness what else, but the awareness of the spiritual solidity of the whole, could be the basis?
This formula works at the mental level and is the most important factor in deciding the total health of a person including his out-look on life. Here the mind is made to expand absorbing unto itself everything around with a feeling of one’s own. This helps to eliminate all the negative vibrations and bad qualities like jealousy, hatred, etc. from the mind which obstruct the expansion of one’s personality. With such an expansion one finds the whole universe as one’s friend aiding and also bestowing blessings. Peace, happiness, achievements are all by-products of one’s attunement with the cosmos.
Unity in Diversity
The third level of expansion concerns the intellect which is presently used by us togather only information for achieving material benefits like name, power and pelf etc. Intellect should be used for better purposes,to detect the Infinite in the finite, to see God in everything, living and non living.
To see Unity in diversity is the formula ideally suited for this expansion in our under-standing at the intellectual level. That automatically keeps one aligned on the path of seeking Truth. Intellect becomes subtler and sharper and it starts, like a torch light, revealing knowledge deeply hidden or long for-gotten in the depths of our being.
Each soul is potentially divine
Last but not the least guidance for expansion comes from Swami Vivekananda’s famous observation “Each soul is potentially divine”. This is the ultimate source of knowledge and energy which can illumine all the layers of human personality from body to the Self within. This formula brings into the grasp of every human being that he is Divine and the goal in his life is to manifest that divinity. This can be done only by controlling nature external and internal and the first three formulae are ideally suited to bring about the control of nature external and internal which in turn leads to real expansion of the human personality. Such an expanded personality is a blessing unto himself as also to the whole world. 

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