Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food for body, thought and soul

Deep EcologyThis month newsletter we continue our series on Swami Vivekananda's words which are relevant to later ecological thoughts that flowered on Indian soil. Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts which form the basis for the concept of 'Deep Ecology' are considered by many scholars as being derived from the Vedantic concepts put forth by Swami Vivekananda.
Here in this issue we have presented an excerpt from his lecture that deals with an important concept of involution. Thus every organism we consider 'lower' actually contains all possibilities including humans: Everything is present in its cause, in its fine form. This evolution, or gradual unfolding of grosser and grosser forms, is true, but each case has been preceded by an involution. This Vedantic concept of involution is the basis for Swami Vivekananda's idea of all life as one and that forms the basis of Indian environmental movement.
Rameshwaram Teerthams renovation project has started very successfully. Here we explain how the idea of using the sacred geography to provide water democracy is being translated into action. An elaborate methodology sketch of the project is provided. You are invited to contact us for more details on the project. This project aims at once to renovate the sacred water bodies which are ruined or/and polluted while at the same time empower the local communities and special interest groups in the island to take over the management of the water bodies as stake-holders.
This month happenings have Azolla training for Jharkhand farmers, endeavors in the form of workshops to conserve traditional medical knowledge systems, including an exhibition of ethnic herbal resources, many networking activities, biogas plants installations etc. All these diverse activities have a common chord: sustainable development.
In our prayer we started with the Vedic hymn for food. Why should we venerate food? In our publication section we provide an excerpt from our publication 'Akshaya Vikas'. It explains why preparing food is a culture than a business or mere profession and the philosophy and science behind sustainable agriculture: holistic food production. The wisdom section this month is on 'Food'; Here we see how the food is connected with all life; and thus when you take food meditate upon the fact that almost the entire universe has gone into the making of that food you hold in your hand says a system biologist;  An Indian seer explains how the food is more than physical food - it is also a form of Yagna  and both the immanent as well as transcendent nature of the food we intake; An eco-poet explains the need and art of mindful eating. 

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