Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Celebrations 150 and Oneness of all Existence

NARDEPSwami Vivekananda says "We are in reality that Infinite Being, and our personalities represent so many channels through which this Infinite Reality is manifesting Itself" This voice of Swami Vivekananda spoken more than 100 years now is echoed across space and time by brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor who states that we are all connected to one another in the intricate fabric of the cosmos. Our wisdom section has as usual three important views of ecology namely ecology of the self, ecology of the community and spiritual ecology. We are quite sure you will enjoy the common spiritual and ecological thread that unites all these visions of wisdom.
Water Democracy through Sacred Geography to commemorate the 150 Birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda!
This January saw the nation enthusiastically celebrate the 150th birth day of Swami Vivekananda. VK-nardep has decided to pay a fitting and living tribute to Swami Vivekananda by renovating the ruined/neglected/polluted sacred water bodies in the holy island of Rameshwaram. The project was launched on January 27 which is the day Swami Vivekananda returned to Rameshwaram after his victorious and triumphant tour of the West. The project was launched with the wonderful Puja at Hanuman Kunda Teertham which is the first to be renovated and then it was followed by a public function in which dignitaries including the district collector participated.The project aims to serve the people and environment and also is based on the age-old heritage. In Swami Vivekananda tradition and modernity met. In Swami Vivekananda Vedanta and humanism were harmonized. This project which is both sacred and ecological and community oriented, is thus a fitting tribute to Swami Vivekananda's harmonizing and synthesizing vision.
We also are happy to say that VK-nardep has for the first time published a specialized Varma (an ancient Siddha medicinal and martial science) chart of human body which presents nodal varma points called 'Adangals'. This work first of its kind in the history of Siddha-Varma medical system has been highly appreciated by the Siddha medical community and also people who want to conserve and revive this ancient system of indigenous medicine.

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