Tuesday, June 26, 2018

International Yoga Day 2018 of VKV Balijan

This day was observed in school with full of enthusiasm from students and staff. On 21st June Yoga demonstration, asanas & practice of Yoga for daily life was conducted for classes I to X during 1st and 2nd period by Smt. Anjali Das.  Also as per announcement all students performed “Surya Namaskar” perfectly. Their chanting of Bij Mantra, Different type of standing Postures, Position, Synchronization and Involvement of all was wonderful.

Smt. Anjali Das advised students to continue the practice of “Surya Namaskar” for becoming healthy while highlighting the importance of the day. The programme was witnessed by 336 students,14 teachers and 4 Grade IV Staff.

Also Smt. Anjali Das along with five students taught Yoga and exercises to Govt. School student and public in Public Ground Auditorium Balijan from 19th onward. On 21st June nearby 70 Govt. School students of Balijan attended Yoga Day in Public Ground Auditorium with eagerness. 

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