Friday, January 13, 2017

Green Rameswaram December Newsletter

Shri.Satish Kumar famous editor of Resurgence and Ecologist writes “Wholeness and harmony are the foundation stones of a new world view”. My existence is a network of influences. I exist in a web of relationships: in reciprocity, mutuality and community. I am because earth, air, fire and water are. I am because my parents, my teachers and my friends are. I am because Buddha, Krishna and Christ are: they are part of my thinking. Shakespeare is, therefore I am. Beethoven is, therefore I am. Van Gogh is, therefore I am. Gandhi is, therefore I am. You are therefore I am. Worms are, therefore I am.

Buddhists call it co-dependent arising. Hindus call it Soham: “That is me”, and “I am that”. In South Africa they call it Ubuntu: “I am because we are”.

This view of a world of relationships is the underlying theme of ‘Green Rameswaram’ project. In executing this, we seek everybody’s cooperation. This month has the following highlights.

Shri.Narendra Joshi in his series ‘Rameshwaram – The Anchor of Indian Renaissance’ quotes extensively Sri Aurobindo on the temple Architecture and highlights Rameshwaram temple

 Dr.Ramaratnam writes that the real solution to the Energy problem is Smart Micro Grids

Hand in Hand India continues their Awareness programmes on waste management for different stakeholders

Shri.Karthik of C.P.R Environmental Educational Center writes about Nakshatra Vanam and finally work to build the Social Capital. 

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