Friday, January 13, 2017

A workshop for Maths teachers at VKV Dibrugarh

A  workshop for Maths teachers was organised on 8 and 9 January 2017 at VKV Dibrugarh. It was organised with the objective of strengthening / enriching our own resource. Besides the resource persons like Sri B. M. Naidu, Vice Principal, VKV Dibrugarh, Kum. Sudipta Saha, VKV Tinsukia, Sri Dhan Pradhan, VKV (NEEPCO) Umrangso and Smt. Moniparna Gogoi, VKV Golaghat, 12  teachers teaching Maths in class VI and/or VII participated from 8 Vidyalayas namely-  VKV Tinsukia(2), VKV Sadiya(1), VKV- NEEPCO- Bokuloni(2), VKV-NEC- Baragolai(1), VKV Tingrai (1), VKV Dibrugarh (2), VKV Dhemaji (1) and V V Jirikindeng (2).

5 Chapters from class VI covered in the workshop besides two sessions on teaching Maths using technology. Basically teachers approach on a particular chapter i.e. how to teach,  what to teach and what not to teach  etc were main area of focus. Active participation of teachers was seen as resource persons were also our own teachers.

On 8th January at 10 am, in the inaugural session of the workshop Ma. Pravin Dabholkar ji Joint General Secy, VK Kanyakumari motivated the teacher emphasizing on teachers creative efforts should be there for eliminating the Maths phobia from the minds of students as well as parents.

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