Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rama’s squirrel calling ………

The whole village had gathered in the garden of the sculptor. They had got used to him, to the chiseling, the hammering, the chipping and the scraping. But today it was different. Where there had been but a huge hard boulder, now stood a living goddess, beautiful and glowing, bathed in the soft light of the morning sun. They were speechless, unable to take their eyes away from the marvel.

The spell was broken by a soft, wonder-struck voice:

“But how did you know that she was hiding inside?”

The sculpture smiled with a faraway look:

“Because I saw her inside.”

The project “Green Resilient Rameswaram” is a similar attempt to uncover the hidden beauty of this holy island and have a clear vision of the Divine presence.

This month’s newsletter has the following highlights:

Dr. Sanjay Banerji in his blog writes about “Stratospheric Ozone Depletion”.

Waste management by Hand in Hand India and World Environment day and Ocean day celebrations.

Shri. Subramanian of C.P.R. Environmental Educational Center writes about Rasi Vanam. This month he gives the details of Devil tree which stands for Rishabha.

In the Livelihood section, coverage of Terrace garden training for Nutritional Security

Mass Varma health camp in the Green Health section

Revival and Renovation of Traditional water bodies – Runa Vimochana Teertham

Finally, the work to build Social Capital – World Yoga Day. 

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