Friday, October 16, 2015

Home water harvesting to Holistic Thinking

This month newsletter we bring you excerpts from our book on water harvesting with special reference to roof water harvesting in the urban areas. One of the aims of Green Rameshwaram is to make the ancient island again a water bowl that it once was. Though situated in a relatively arid district, the island has been made a repository of water harvesting structures. Today we are reviving these structures and it is also necessary that the residents also continue this legacy of traditional water harvesting by making their own homes a potential water harvesting structure. We hope the book will inspire people to achieve this target.

In our happenings section we have training programs on enriched bio-manure; camp on the documentation of Siddha medicine and also bio-methanation plant training workshops. In the 'Green Rameshwaram' project the search for the lost traditional water harvesting structures has been going on relentlessly. Equipped with survey maps and local oral traditions as well as ancient literature. The recently discovered Parasuramar Teertham is a classic example of the Traditional Water Body associated with a lot of pan-Indian cultural linkages – in the form of ‘Namakkatti’. This is a major achievement for the 'Green Rameshwaram' team and is a veritable story of investigation of lost and found. Learn more about this in our newsletter.

In the publication section we have excerpt from our energy book which also aims to make Rameshwaram an energy abundant /self-reliant island In the wisdom section we have a modern Sufi saint speak about Indian tradition of nature veneration. A spiritual ecologist speaks of the need to to participate with a greater awareness in the process of transformation and makes seed a metaphor for that.  A Zen Buddhist speaks on the need to care for all life as 'even as a mother protects with her life her child, her only child' as we have this only planet.

So we wish you a happy Puja-festival time and you can download and read our newsletter here.

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