Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Anandalaya in Assam

Vivekananda Kendra is Spiritually Oriented Service organization working throughout the country since 1972 with an aim of Man making-Nation building. Since inception we are working in the Northeast. We work in the field of Education, Rural development, Natural resource development, health, Cultural and Socio-economic development.
In 1993 we started our work in teagarden area in Dibrugarh district with an aim of all round development. In the beginning we started Balwadies and health awareness. In 2003 we designed special project ANANDALAYA. The project aims:
  • To create an education supportive atmosphere in tea gardens.
  • To impart education through play way method and increase interest for studies among primary school children.
  • To reduce the rate of dropouts and thus improve the status of the education.
  • To give “man making” Value based education and improve quality of education.
  • To increase patriotic feelings among the children.
  • To develop self respect among the tea garden youth and people.
  • To create health awareness among the children and through them among the elders.
  • To work for all round development.
We run 83 Anandalayas daily 2and half hours with 6500 students , 15 Sanskar Vargas weekly one and half hours with 360 students, , 7 BhajanSandhya one hour in 3 Vistars with 210 women;at namely Chabua, Moran and Jalan nagar,d.
Along with this, training camps of Acharyas, Supervisors, and Karyakarts are conducted regularly. Health awareness camp, Training for Self-help groups ect. are the regular features.
To run this successfully we have an organizational set up Like this:
  • Aandadalaya Sangathak - 3
  • Anadalaya Vistar Pramukh (Supervisiors)-6
  • Anadalaya Acharyas.-70
  • Health workers-10
  • Trainers-5
  • Karyakartas-30
Impact : Regularity of students in School. Good results of students. Self-confidence in youth. Cleanliness in teagarden area.

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