Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Maharashtra Prant Activities – July to Oct 2019

1. International Yoga Day: Held at 148 places, participants 28612. Lectures, Demonstrations, discussions, Training on Yoga. MSRT Camp was held in Chinchwad, near Pune.

2. College Students get-together was held on 2 July in Belgavi. Subjects like Time Management, Man-making for Nattion-buliding, Social Service were discussed for inspiring the youth.

3. Compilation of articles written by Hon. Parameshwaranji, Heartbeats of Hindu Nation was translated in Marathi as हिंदू राष्ट्राची हृदय स्पंदने (Hindu Rashtrachi Hriday Spandane). Set of three books was published on 4 July in Nagapur  and on 24 July in Pune.

4. Samarth Workshop for teachers was held on 6 and 7 July. Theme – Samarth Shikshak, Samarth Bharat. Subjects like Oneness of Universe, Power of Words, Circle of concern v/s. circle of influence, Teacher as Nation builder, Daily five Yajnas were covered.

5. Gurupaurnima Utsav programmes were held at 47 places with 1525 participants. Knowing and accepting Dayitava was main theme. Senior Karyakartas guided Karyakartas on this subject and they took their Dayitva before Onkar.

6. 56 persons from Maharashtra attended Spiritual Retreat in Kanyakumari in August 2019.

7. Universal Brotherhood Day: Held at 12 places. Participants 3000. Prominent lectures: ‘Need for Ideal Thinking and Lifestyle’ by Shri. Nilesh More at Wardha, ‘Jagadguru Bharat’ by Shri. Siddharam Patil at Ngapur, ‘Swami Vivekanada’s Universal Brotherhood’ by Shraddha Vyas at Pune.

8. Personality Development Workshop was held on 22 September at Wardha. 52 Students attended. Through Games, Action Songs, Group Discussions, Video clip on VRM, Pranayam students were guided for Personality development.

9. On the occasion of Deepawali, workshop for preparing decorative lamps (Akashakandil) was held in Prashikshan va Seva Prakalp, Pimlplad (near Nashik). 51 resident students from Vivekashram participated and prepared lamps using eco-friendly materials such as paper, cloth, wood.

10. As a yearly activity, during Deepawali, Nashik Branch collected sweets and other Deepawali eatables, clothes from society and distributed in 30 tribal villages adopted by Prashikshan va Seva Prakalp, Pimlplad (near Nashik). This is 31st year of this activity.

11. Youth Competitions (भारतीय संस्कृती परीक्षा): Examination held Swami Vivekananda’s Biography book (युगनायक). 4500 college students appeared. 10 one-day local camps held. 800 students participated. Prant level 3-day camp planned in December 400 students expected.

12. Ek Bharat Vijayee Bharat: Started with Sampark with Chief Minister and Governor. 2000 Sampark so far.

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