Monday, July 24, 2017

Guru Poornima Celebration at K​olkata

Guru P​oo​rnima celebrate​d at Eknath Vibhag of Kolkata Nagar, the program started at 6.15 pm with the chanting of Omkara collectively.  Santipath and Aikya Mantra was led by Kumari Subhangi Upadhyay, Vistar Pramukh, Howrah Vistar and followed by others.

Sri Arvind Singh, Vibhag Pramukh presented a brief account about Guru Purnima and its importance in Kendra.​ ​Then Bhajan of Guru was led by Sri Arvind Ji, Sri Arijit Kundu (Saha Samyojak, Barasat Nagar), Sri Plabom, Kumari Subhangi, Ma Bhanudas Ji. Others followed them.

Report of last year was presented by Sri Utpal Roy​. V​ivekananda Kendra General Secretary​​ ​Ma Bhanudas Ji delivered Bauddhik​.

※ Vyasa wrote Puranas to propagate the knowledge rendered in the Vedas. Propagation of this kn​o​wledge unto the individual standing at the last of the line.

※ Guru Purnima is a celebration of our heritage. We must preserve our heritage.

※ Avadhuta recognised 24 Gurus but none was Human.

※ We must also recognise the good qualities present in every being of the universe.

※ Everyone has something to teach me as all is part of the Ishwar. In the Gita Bhagavan says यद् यद् विभूतिमत् सत्त्वम्...

※ Vivekananda Kendra believes in the goodness present in all beings and is working for the organisation of the society.

※ Omkar is the unopposed symbol in the Hindu society. None opposes Omkar may he belong to any religious or spiritual belief.

※ Omkar is the most important symbol as it includes all phonemes and syllables.

※ Omkar will never arise a dispute among the sects in the society and it will lead us to the ultimate goal i.e. to attain Ishwar as stated by Sri Ramakrishna.

※ We should build our life according to our Samskriti and the knowledge rendered in our Shastras. That should match the ideology preached by our ancestors.

※ We must live a life that reflects the ideology we follow. 

※ Inspired by Omkara and our heritage we must dedicate time to this noble cause of organisation of society. Because organised society is the only way to the goal of Rashtra Punarutthan.

​​The program concluded with Kendra ​Prarthana.​ ​9 sisters and 12 brethren attended the program.

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